Methodology for Writing Self-Description

Methodology for Writing Self-Description

Self-description written in the psychology test is important in the sense it conveys a lot about you, like:

  • How well you know your strength & weaknesses.
  • How honest you are.
  • Your understanding of relative importance of personal qualities.

This information would be required to answer certain questions in the interview for which the above analysis would be relevant. By reading the points given below I presume aspirants will be able to formulate a brief and comprehensive self-description within 10 min of the allotted 15 min for the test. This knowledge of relevant for all job aspirants in describing themselves.

Parents’ Opinion

When a child is born it is totally dependent upon the parents for everything. The first concern for parents is that as to can the child start taking care of itself as it grows. Thus the first line should logically talk about the qualities of ‘independence’ and ‘self-reliance’.
Once a child is considered reasonably self-reliant by the parents the next concern is that the child has grown at the usual expected rate of growth mentally & physically to cope with the society. Thus the next logical line would be about qualities of ‘academic and physical abilities’.
If a child has grown well and gains a certain amount of maturity then parents start consulting him in domestic decisions. Hence this point should figure next.
If a youth is growing well then he/she would  choose a career and gain indication to be competent in it. Hence this should be the next point.
A normal youth would gain social maturity to adjust with the society well, relatives, neighbours, teachers and colleagues. It is common for Indian mothers to think that their child is too innocent to adjust with the scheming society. This feeling is often incorrect. This point  about social adjustment should be stated next.
As the youth grows in competence and maturity and starts working, parents begin to feel that the youth will be able to shoulder domestic responsibilities and they can safely think about retirement from work. Hence the issue of ‘responsibility’ should be discussed next.
The parents’ next concern in the continuum of a youth’s growth is as to whether the youth has imbibed good values and would bring a good name to the family or not.
Parents invariably have certain misgivings about their child as regards social adjustment, maturity, focus on career, time management and maybe anything else. The misgivings maybe genuine or a misconception. If it is genuine then it should also be stated.

Teachers’ Opinion

The first requirement for a teacher from a student is that he should not be a trouble creator. Thus ‘punctuality’ ‘proper dressing’ and ‘discipline’ are initial expectations from an okay student. The second criteria is that the student should understand what is taught; thus ‘intelligence’ or ‘academic proficiency’ should be written about next. After academic ability comes the criteria of proficiency in extra-curricular activities. Teachers also note the social adjustment dimension of the student. An above average student would invariably get assigned roles beyond an average student like, monitor, prefect, sports captain and so on by the teachers. The leadership roles may be more pronounced in the case of hostlers. In case of outstanding students teachers will expect them to bring fame to the school or college. 
Invariably teachers do render advice to students for their betterment. Some of it would be genuine. This should also be included in the self-description.

Employers’ Opinion

For professionals the requirement is to write the opinion of the employers rather than the teachers. Like the teacher for an employer the first criteria from an employee are punctuality and discipline. The next criteria is ability to accomplish the assigned work timely- thus the point about ‘reliable worker’ should come next. A higher caliber employee would be willing to shoulder additional responsibilities and work. He would also be an asset to the employer in guiding other workers and creating a cooperative work environment. A top level worker would invariably draw comments like, ‘suited for higher appointment’ by the employer. 
The employer is likely to render some genuine comments for improvement to an employee. These should also be included in the self-description.

Friends’ Opinion

The perspective of friends is different from parents & teachers. The first criteria for friends is ‘trust’ in good times and more importantly bad times; next comes helpfulness in academics/ profession and personal issues. How you are as a company also matters, implying qualities like cheerfulness, enthusiasm for games/work and so on. Friends also admire high competence in any field and are proud to be associated with ‘confident , competent & reliable’ people. Please include these aspects in the self-description.
Friends also render some genuine advice for our betterment. We must take cognisance of the points and include them as well.

Own Opinion

Own opinion is a summation  of the opinions of all of the above. It should include the major points from the opinions of parents, teachers and friends.
The positive points should be covered under, ‘own opinion’ & negative points should be covered under ‘Aspects I want to improve’

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