New Sample Self Description

Good Sample Self-Description

One good sample self-description of one of my students is given below.

Opinion of Parents’ :  My parents think I am responsible, obedient, caring, friendly and sensible. They appreciate me for shouldering domestic responsibilities, including the farm and finances. They are very happy about my being academically good. They are confident that I will have a successful career. At times, I am advised to be more patient. My parents are proud of me and state so in the society.

   b. Friends : Friends think that I am intelligent, fun loving, good car driver, helping and a trustworthy friend. They consult me if they want to buy a new thing. They motivate me to become an officer. They like my ability to balance studies and other activities. They advise me to be more patient. They believe that I am determined to achieve my goals.

    c. Teachers : Teachers believe in me. Whenever I was caught in a mischief along with my friends, my teacher said, “he will get good marks you guys take care of yourself”. My teachers used to give me responsibility to help weaker students in my house. My teachers believed I was adventurous, fun loving, respectful and good in studies. Teachers advised me to study daily to get even better grades. My teachers are still in contact with me.

   d. Own : I am a responsible son. I understand my duties towards my mother and my sister. I follow my duties sincerely. I am respectful person and respect the feelings of others. I help my grandfather in farming. I do the work assigned to me sincerely. Once I set a target I need a head start after which there is no question of deviations and self-doubts and accomplish my aims. I am physically fit and a good horse rider.

Improvements Required: I am impatient sometimes and I need to improve my general knowledge and knowledge about my core subjects.

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