Nishi’s Success Story

Nishi’s Success Story

Nishi’s brother, Manu was my student. That is how she got acquainted with No Frills Academy & cleared SSB for Coast Guard. This is her message to Defence aspirants:

Nishi’s Words

I got recommended in Indian Coast Guard in February and secured AIR 1 in the merit list and will be leaving for training in INA Ezimala.

No Frills Academy no doubt helped me a lot as earlier I got 3 times conferenced out (2 CDS attempts and 1 AfCAT). Sir’s quora answers and blogs on the website helped me to review my personality and I got a fair idea of where I was lacking and how I should improve. I got to know as to how to balance my job along with preparation for the SSB. It was primarily about leading my life as per a plan of accomplishing set targets to improve my fitness and GK.

Advice to Aspirants

 I would suggest that you should have faith in yourself, practice speaking in front of the mirror and work hard regularly to achieve your dreams; sooner or later you will achieve them.

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