Nikhil clears SSB

Thank you sir for your guidance i made it in my 6th attempt( 3 SO and 2 NR).

I interacted first time to Nehru sir in April 2019. Then he told me about weak points and asked me to plan my daily routine accordingly. Which i did. But then i got SO from 1 AFSB in July 2019. Again he asked me ignore this focus on myself. But again in Aug 2019 i got NR from Bhopal then i contacted him and he rebuked me about poor practical knowledge in GTO and same about my core subject. Although it was bitter pill to swallow but I did it. Then i read a lot about my core subject and interacted him time to time about my improvement. But the main heck was my physical fitness i was getting constant injuries but again sir guidance was not only panacea but i improved my running from 4 KM to 8 and 8.5 KM. Now months before SSB i interacted with him regularly and participated regularly in NFA group since April 2019. With all the guidance whenever i needed made me think that I’ll make it this time. Although same time i had my doubts which was meagre. Now on SSB i not practised TAT and SRT. I practiced few WAT words and wrote my SD and got corrected by sir. For GTO i was active participant and for interview i was open book. Now something unusual happened my interview was shifted to another board and it went for less than 5 minute to be precise 4 min 45 sec to 50 sec. So i was nervous then again talked to sir. Sir told me it was not a good sign but have faith in yourself which i did. My conference went for 15 sec with 2 min discussion. And i was recommended. It was definitely my hard work but sir guidance gave me direction. So in terms of physics force was there with me but lacking direction made it zero earlier. This time i had this direction and work has been done.

Thank you sir long live Nehru sir. 

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