Why No Frills Academy is Different?

Why No Frills Academy is Different?

  1. The entire corporate world and all the coaching academies follow the principle,

“Customer is the king!” and try to cater to the needs of the customer, so what if the demands are illogical? I don’t cater to illogical demands, am absolutely honest with potential as well as enrolled students. I genuinely want to help my students and since I perceive that I understand their needs better I provide them holistic guidance as per my understanding. In my philosophy a student needs help but more often than not does not know how. How a student is to be helped gets decided more by me, of course, in consultation with him.

  1. Interesting samples of interaction with potential students:
    1. Some girls wanted 15-20 kg weight reduction in one month. I told them that 6 months is a realistic time frame with disciplined regular exercise and diet plan. If they wanted quick results they could go elsewhere. They went elsewhere!
    2. One student from my state wanted to become an IAS officer and was attending preparatory classes for it. After speaking to him for 10 min I requested him to ask his father to speak to me. I told his father that he should be made to work in the family’s farm because he had already wasted considerable hard earned money and his future as I foresaw was that he would demand that his father pay a bribe to get him selected as a peon in some government department after 3 years! Of course the boy never enrolled for my guidance!


Advice for Potential Students

  1. Be prepared to get an honest assessment from me.
  2. I do not offer unrealistic solutions or suggest impractical time frames to achieve objectives.
  3. If you are not ready for a test I advise you not to take it to waste time.
  4. I am against several popular ( but in my view, stupid) concepts:
    1. Leaving work to prepare for exams.
    2. Appearing in SSB to gain experience.
  5. If you lack commitment to improve then my guidance will be of very little help.


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