Overcoming Nervousness/Stage Fright

Overcoming Nervousness/Stage Fright

Some amount of nervousness is good. It implies that you are concerned about your performance. However, if you start to stammer or go blank then the problem has negative connotations and needs resolution be it in a stage performance/public speaking/big match situation/ interview or SSB.

Understanding the Psychology

We get nervous in situations because of two major reasons:

  • The result is important.
  • The result is uncertain.

If we artificially reduce the above two aspects by our thoughts then the nervousness can be reduced to some extent.

Remedies to Overcome Nervousness

Tell your mind the following:

  • To lower the aspect of importance: Think that you have other job options which may be as good or better. This will lower the impact of importance of SSB interview.
  • To lower uncertainty: Think that you will get rejected and if you get selected it is a bonus. This will lower the impact of the uncertainty aspect.

It is something like telling: “All is well” in “3 Idiots”.

Practice Visualization

Visualize clearly and deliberately whatever situation that found you getting nervous or excited. Once you visualize with great concentration exactly the same emotions will come to you. Now visualize that you are able to stay calm and behave rationally and calmly. Also make efforts to take longer and slower breaths because short breaths are associated with nervousness.

This visualization will have a positive impact when you confront such situations in real life again.

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