Pranav Clears SSB!

Pranav Clears SSB!

A K Pranav; email: of No Frills Academy recently got recommended from SSB in his ninth attempt. I congratulate him for his success! His message is shared for the benefit of SSB aspirants.

Pranav’s Message

I have been recommended from 4 AFSB Varanasi for AFCAT 1 2018 in my 9th attempt. After repeatedly not being recommended, I chose to take guidance from Nehru sir. I had found his insights about SSB helpful via his answers on Quora. The direction I received from him has contributed distinctly in my recommendation.

Helpful & Practical Method

After my first interaction with sir, he clarified to me the aspects of my personality that were adequate and aspects that needed improvement. He guided me to improve upon my weaknesses.  I was not confident about my responses in the Psychology tests. Nehru sir discussed my responses in detail and guided me about them. He guided and encouraged me to follow a disciplined routine that I lacked. I realized the importance of setting and accomplishing goals.
His guidance played an important role in my becoming an improved person. This improvement reflected in my SSB performance and I got recommended. His approach is no nonsense and specific. I extend my sincere gratitude to sir for having encouraged me and continuing to repose faith in me. This was instrumental in maintenance of my self-belief and confidence. Thanks!

Message to Aspirants

Please work systematically as guided by sir to improve your habits and ability. Over focus on SSB is not required. SSB performance is a reflection of your over-all competence in life. It took me over 5 months of sustained effort to get success in SSB. You too can succeed. Good luck!

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