Pranav Proves: Sum is Bigger than Parts

Pranav Proves: Sum is Bigger than Parts

Pranav cleared AFSB recently in his 9th attempt. No Frills Academy congratulates him. We will publish his feedback later. I am taking the liberty of writing my views on his clearing of SSB for the benefit of aspirants.

Sum is Bigger than the Parts

Our personality has got various facets, some are good, some okay and some bad. We can view them in isolation or view them holistically. One quality may influence other qualities positively as well as negatively. Let me not confuse you with generalities but discuss specifics. Pranav needed to improve his physical fitness, GK and also he needed to start work at the earliest. He resolved all of these issues by starting to work and improved in the other aspects as well, including written and oral expression. These incremental improvements caused him to be more confident & led to his recommendation, proving the truth that, “Sum is bigger than the parts”.

Team Work of No Frills Academy

Pranav expressed his thanks to the group of No Frills Academy students coordinated effectively by Ishan which regularly conducted GDs, PPDT, lecture & GPE practice. The group also takes pride in Pranav’s success.

Proving Truth of No Frills Academy’s Philosophy

Pranav’s success once again proves the truth of our philosophy:

“Small changes in daily habits lead to revolutionary changes in personality!”

My Good Wishes

Good luck to you Pranav! Thanks for making us proud & inspiring others to improve & succeed!

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