Pranav’s Success Story!

Pranav’s Success Story!

Pranav Gawali, mob:8149387902; email: of No Frills Academy cleared AFSB recently. He shares his success story here.

Pranav’s Words

Hello, I, Pranav L Gawali, from Nashik got recommended in my 9th attempt from 3 AFSB Gandhi Nagar for AFCAT entry. Being an active user of Quora I came across answers of Col.Mani Mohan Nehru sir. I found them logical and pragmatic. I decided to take guidance from him in January 2018. After interaction with sir, I found that I needed an organized routine which is key to success in SSB. I also realized that I needed to improve my knowledge of core graduation subjects, physical stamina and written English.

Sir gave me different tasks in my daily routine which helped me to work upon my weaknesses in a systematic manner. I followed the routine prepared blindly. Also, I picked up a job which increased my confidence in life. Sir made me realize that after graduation in order to gain experience, maturity and a sense of independence one should work.  Apart from that, in the psychology tests, I found that I needed to write simple stories which related to the pictures and normal life rather than superhuman stories. Overall it contributed to increasing my competence in SSB and in life which resulted in success.

Message to Aspirants 

SSB is a SUBSET of life. Please focus on improving your overall personality rather than preparing for some particular test.

Following a daily routine to effect improvements plays a key role in revolutionary changes in your personality. All the best!

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