Quitting Job & Taking More Attempts to Clear SSB

Quitting Job & Taking More Attempts to Clear SSB

Some defense aspirants quit job or sit at home to prepare for SSB. Some such aspirants can attend up to 20 SSBs in one year. By attending 20 SSBs in one year some aspirants feel that they are increasing their chances of clearing SSB. In this blog I have explained as to why it is a stupid idea to do so.

20 SSBs in One Year

I had a student who was an engineer, had NCC, “C” Certificate and also wrote CDS/AFCAT written exams. When he joined my guidance program he had not completed his engineering and had not attended SSB. I found that he needed to improve his English, fitness and GK. I advised him to start working on his weaknesses, sit for campus placement and take up a job. I had assessed that in about 6 months, with systematic effort, he would have overcome his weaknesses to clear SSB. He did not take my advice and started attending SSBs without adequate preparation. He went for all the entries that he was eligible: technical, NCC, CDS and AFCAT. He neither improved adequately upon his weaknesses nor took up a job. His life was being lived from one SSB to another. After attending 20 SSBs, wasting one year of life, not making the required improvements or taking an employment realization dawned that had he abided by my initial advice he may have cleared SSB in his first attempt in 6 months and would also have been employed before that.

Lesson Learnt

It is better to be well prepared before attending the first SSB. If you have been rejected once at SSB then make a plan to overcome your weaknesses and not attend next SSB earlier than 2-3 months. By attending 20 SSBs in one year you are being stupid to consider SSB as a lottery ticket, which it is not. Since you are not preparing adequately there is hardly any improvement in you from the first to twentieth attempt.

Quitting Job for SSB

Quitting your job to prepare for SSB is another popular but stupid idea. Let me explain:

Work Enhances Effectiveness

SSB is a holistic test of personality and a competent worker has greater chances of being selected than a person sitting at home and studying because when you work in the field you enhance both personal and interpersonal effectiveness.

SSB Success has Little Correlation with Academic Brilliance

By sitting at home it is theoretically possible for a person to increase his competence in academics and GK. This competence would be of little value only because “practical intelligence” and “inter-personal” effectiveness will not improve by studying at home.

Organizational Ability, Discipline, Sense of Responsibility, Determination & Maturity

If we find that X and Y candidates are at par in their performance, while X has been sitting at home and studying for one year Y has been working for one year and supporting his family.
There is no doubt that Y has shown greater sense of responsibility, is more organized, disciplined, mature, disciplined and determined. The harder and better he performs at work the better he will continue to get as compared to X who is studying at home to clear GATE, UPSC, CAT and SSB!


  • Don’t go for SSB ‘just to gain experience’. It is a stupid idea; please attend SSB to clear it!
  • Sitting at home and preparing for SSB lowers your chances of selection at SSB.
  • Quitting your job to prepare for SSB will only lower your chances of selection at SSB because apart from the aspects discussed above it gives evidence of your tendency to escape from difficulties and choose the easier path. We don’t need such people as officers in Defense Forces!


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