Rahul Makes No Frills Academy Proud

Rahul Makes No Frills Academy Proud

Rahul & I have never spoken. Rahul has made No Frills Academy proud. I feel elated to be associated with a person like Rahul. Here are his words of success shared for the benefit of other defence aspirants.

Rahul’s Words

Respected sir, 

I can’t find words to thank you.

Simplifying Life & Effort

Sir from Nov. 2018 I’m following you on Instagram. Then in Feb 2019 I bought your psychological guide online…. and there after my life has changed. It made me realize that I’m on the right way.

Your advice from this small guide book boosted my confidence. I no longer try to impress with my words or actions but have made myself impressive by enhancing my competence. The ideas explained are simple & I have simplified my life as also approach to the entire SSB, for example I wrote absolutely simple stories in TAT and wrote simple short sentences and ignored the numerous tips given on various websites.


      Finally, on 10/6/019 I got recommended for SSC/NCC 46 from 34 SSB Allahabad.

       I’m a BSc (2018) with 73.30% and had compartment in 12th (2015)PCM.

        I am a tutor for the last 4 years & before that I was a paperboy (paper seller) in my 1st year of B.Sc.

         It was my 2nd attempt. In my 1st attempt in Feb 2016, NDA I was screened out.

         Thanks a lot sir! Good luck to all aspirants!

Message to aspirants

Believe in simple hard-work, not short-cuts!

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