Right attitude to get selected for SSB!

Bhawani, Harkaran & Ishan

These are real stories of three of my students. These stories are very relevant for a large number of aspirants who are reasonably competent in all-round abilities but still keep getting rejected at SSB. Let us understand the stories in brief.


Bhawani was good in English, academics, physically fit, a fairly good sportsman and quite fit to be selected when he joined my program. He had been to SSB earlier. He went for SSB and got rejected. Upon discussion, post his rejection, we realized that he had abided by some illogical advice which he had received earlier. He realized his mistake. He never spoke to me again for quite some time when one day I got a call from him that he had been recommended for Air Force. I asked him as to why he never spoke to me in between at all. He told me that he had nothing to clarify & hence he did not speak. He just had to be his natural self to get recommended.


Ishan was fine with English, had been the school topper throughout and was physically also quite fit. He was quite fit for selection when he joined my program. He got recommended only in his fourth attempt. In his last attempt, in which he was selected, he finally decided that he will not be concerned at all about the impression he had on the assessors and would just be what he naturally was.


Harkaran was good in English, competent in academics, had good Gk and was physically good. When he joined my program I was finding it difficult to understand as to why he was rejected 2-3 times earlier? In such cases I advise students to over-prepare & gain greater confidence. He still got rejected twice. We lost contact till he called me one day from Canada. He told me that he was working as a gym instructor in Canada. He needed my advice as to whether he should come to India and join OTA because he had been selected in SSB. What had happened was that he had given up on his dream to join the Defence Forces & decided to settle down in Canada. When he had done all his formalities and was awaiting to leave for Canada he had an OTA entry SSB lined up & he was quite free. He just went with no preparations and a totally carefree outlook. He was feeling no pressure to get selected this time. This was the time he got selected! I advised him to remain in Canada.

Lessons for Aspirants

Please focus on all-round improvement for success at SSB. Pressure to get recommended causes us to give responses which we feel would be pleasing to the assessors rather than what we feel are rationally correct. This attitude gets us rejected.

The corporate world attitude is unsuited for SSB because in the corporate world an interviewee is expected to say that the Company for which he is being interviewed was his childhood dream to join (the truth would be that he would have Googled the details of the company just 3 days back) & forget him, the guy interviewing him would leave that dream company to join another one for Rs 5000/- more! In SSB, honesty still remains the best policy!

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  1. Hello sir,
    I have a confusion that whether i should join a coaching or not, because i know where i lag it’s just i am not able to change those things in myself, or i would say i want to develop those things in me but i am unable because i am not putting efforts for it. I appeared for SSB 7 times, but got rejected everytime. Just a small help from you regarding this sir.

  2. Sir ,it’s been 5 attempt and true sense is I think I should get selected …due to lockdown date has been postponed but this is my last ssb ..and sir I just wanted to meet myself what is the reason of my rejection…and yes sir I haven’t cleared any exam till date I m applying for ncc spl.entry..kindly if u can help me with it

  3. Hello Sir,
    I have been reading your blogs for a while. I am final year student and have cleared CDS, AFCAT, INET. This would be my first attempt for the SSB. I have heard from many that first attempt is the golden chance to get selected. My family background has been from corporate sector. How should I mould my personality being free and natural but even vigilant about the opportunity I have?
    Please if you could guide me.

    • You can read my e-books or opt for my guidance program for assessment as well as guidance for holistic improvement.

  4. Hello sir,
    I have got a call letter for SSB from all the three services.
    I would like to know what my answer should be ,when the assessor asks me which service i would join if i cleared the SSB’s of all the three armed forces.Kindly help me with this question as I am stuck with this one.
    Ps-I am a fresher and my entries are through
    SSC Tech-55 Army
    AFCAT -Airforce

    • Please don’t seek any advice. Tell whichever is your first choice for whatever reasons. The reasons need not be very good or impressive but they should be genuine.

  5. Sir, I am a sainik school cadet and I am in 10th class. I am very confused that how should I start my preperation for ssb in such a young age. Many seniors have advised seniors (got recommended) that I should read books. But what type of books should I exactly read.

  6. Respected sir ,
    I have been following your blogs since a long time.my ssb is lined up ..sir I have a doubt and need your help to calrify .
    Since I graduated last year and it’s been one year I am not working ,reality is this only that I am improving my personality and was preparing for the exams for defense…is saying this will be appropriate
    If not,how should I justify that…I have utilised my year and not wasted
    I will be very grateful if you help me with this…

  7. Respected sir,
    I have been to SSB 10 times, still cannot make it. The last attempt I gave is at 1 AFSB, Dehradun in august first week for afcat 1 2020. I have done quite well this time and was thinking of getting recommended, but all ran in vain. I started my journey of giving ssb from 2015.
    I have filled the tgc-132 form, cds and afcat forms and this time I want to clear ssb sir. Please guide me what to do.
    Also if I can have a direct call with you, I will be grateful sir.

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