Rohit Perseveres to Success!

Rohit Perseveres to Success!

Rohit, e-mail:, of No Frills Academy cleared SSB recently. No Frills Academy congratulates him & also thanks him for being a very effective group coordinator and helping other students to improve their GK and inspire them with his energy and commitment! This is his message:

Rohit’s Words

Hi, I am Rohit Pandey. I got recommended from 1AFSB Dehradun for flying by NCC Special Entry(flying) in my 9th attempt. While using qoura I came across Nehru sir’s answers and found them very logical. They influenced me to take his guidance.

Interaction with Nehru sir
I contacted Nehru sir in May 2018. During initial conversation he helped me acknowledge my weaknesses and told me to plan a routine to correct them. He added me to a discussion group on WhatsApp which improved my general awareness. I took steps to work on myself and whenever I was stuck Nehru sir guided me in the right direction. I brought more discipline in my daily life by managing time for fitness, reading newspaper and work effectively at my job. Thus my fitness, GK and job performance improved. Through Col Nehru I realized that it is not required to practice for Psychology, GTO & Interview. The routine life helped me enhance my competence & raised my confidence. At the day of reporting I was confident and performed better than earlier times because I was an improved person. Finally I tasted success through my systematic efforts.

Message to Aspirants
My message to fellow aspirants is that there is no shortcut to get through SSB. It took me 8 months of persistence and discipline to feel the change in me and it served me well not just in SSB but also in my job, in my health and in my performance in other examinations. There is no trick or short-cut route to success either in life or performance at SSB. Please focus on self-improvement; results will come!

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