Sample GPE

Sample GPE



You are a group of 10 students coming from your small town Kalapur in a minibus going to neighbouring district town Nimganj to appear in an Exam commencing at 11:15 a.m. After dismounting from the minibus at village Ruppar you are waiting for the steamer to go across River Koyal. Suddenly a villager comes to you for help and informs that an old dilapidated haveli on the outskirts of the village Ruppar has crumbled down crushing five men, out of which two are seriously injured. He also tells that while he was working in his field nearby, he overheard two terrorists who had planted a bomb on the Railway Bridge on River Koyal and timed it to blow up at 10:15 a.m., when Nimganj- Kalapur passengers passes over it. He further added that they have gone to village Chara where they plan to exchange the contraband, they were carrying with other party at 10:20 a.m. at Raju Hotel and chalk out a plan to destroy a Pontoon Bridge on River Koyal further upstream.  Subsequently as you were listening to this villager another shepherd comes running asking for help to put out the fire in his hut where he stored haystack and fodder for his cattle. Some additional information is available as follows:

  1.  The streamer service is twice a day and comes at 9:30 a.m. to leave for Nimganj.
  2. The minibus leaves back of Kalapur at 9:20 a.m. and its speed is 40 kmph.
  3.  Due to some problem local communication form village Ruppar is out of order.
  4.  The fishery department located on River Koyal has one rowing boat with capacity of four. Maximum speed upstream is 6 kmph and downstream is 15 kmph.
  5.  Down train leaves Kalapur at 10:30 a.m. to reach Nimganj at 11:00 a.m.
  6. Police stations are at Nimganj & Kolapur.

Time now is 9 a.m. as bold young men what action will you take?


Term of reference: Time now: 09:00 AM; must reach Nimganj exam centre before 11:15 AM

Priority Problem Resource Solution Time Plan
1. 5 injured-Ruppar 6 boys Ruppar–>Hospital (Nimganj)–>Exam center 9:10 -11:10
2. Bomb-Koyal Railway Bridge 2 boys Ruppar–> Police Stn(Nimganj)–>Exam Center 9:10-9:40–>11:10
3.  Contraband exchange-Raju Hotel(Chara) 2 boys Ruppar–>Police Stn(Nimganj)–>Exam center 9:10-9:40–>11:10
Nil Haystack fire Nil

Notes for Students

  • This type of brief solution is only required. Detailed aspects are for discussion.
  • Explanatory points:
    • The shepherd is not being helped because he could have retrieved the hay & fodder by separating it from the portion on fire & using water etc to douse the fire with the help of neighbours immediately. He is stupid to seek your help; you would be stupider to attempt to retrieve something which would have already been burnt. Please note that the majority of the group members would not agree with this point. Please give your point politely & not argue with them endlessly. In case, the GTO asks you after the final plan has been presented about the issue, then tell him that you should be ignoring this task.
    • The time & distance calculation & modus operandi of the groups should be explained in the discussion.
    • The major group of 6 boys will provide first aid to the injured & take them along with them first across the river on the steamer at 9:30 AM & then to the hospital for treatment & then reach the exam centre.
    • The other two groups of two boys each will also cross the river at 9:10 AM in the fishery department boat and thereafter report the issues of bomb on railway bridge, contraband & plan for destruction of pontoon bridge to the Police personnel at Nimganj PS & provide any assistance, if required. They have to definitely reach the exam centre by 11:10 AM.
    • It is possible to use the boats to reach the railway station and inform about the bomb on railway bridge. This is not being done because security is a policing job and hence it is better to inform the Police directly.
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