Sample Story on Negative Picture

Sample Story on Negative Picture

Description: A boy sitting in front of a bed with a dead body, and another boy consoling him.

Story: Rishi’s friend lost his father in a road accident. Both were students of 12th class and board exams were near. The friend was totally devastated. Rishi consoled him and advised him to be strong as he had his mother and younger sister also to look after. The immediate thing to do was to focus on performing well in the exam. With Rishi’s help his friend was able to perform well in the exam & this paved the way for getting admission in a good college. Rishi and his friend were both good in Mathematics and English, two subjects which are a problem for most students. They started giving tuitions to children in their colony jointly. In this way the friend was able to finance his education and also add to the family’s meagre pension being received by his mother. In this way his friend could succeed in supporting his family in a situation of crisis and later went on to have a good career.

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