Selection Chances of Aspirants Not Working in Their Core Field

Selection Chances of Aspirants Not Working in Their Core Field


I have worked in the SSB & understand how the system works. I am in touch with a very small sample of India’s youth from almost all parts of the country. The salient general observations are:

  • SSB is a test of personality and it gets improved by working and not by sitting at home and wasting your parents’ money.
  • 95% of BA/BSc/BE/B Tech qualified people in India do not know more than 5% of their core subjects.
  • The majority of the SSB aspirants mug up at the last moment for exams, believe in manipulating their way to success through short-cuts, rather that systematic hard work.
  • Anyone who can speak decent English gets a job.
  • Engineers from various branches, other than IT, are working in the field of IT or sales/marketing.
  • SSBs have to select people from the aspirants who come to attend SSB, implying from the above lot only.
  • Any SSB aspirant who is working, in whichever field he has got a job in, is generally more responsible and mature than the large numbers who are sitting for up to 2 years at home and trying to enter government services (which are less than 4% of the total employed work force & the percentage will only reduce further!)
  • The chances of selection in SSB of a person who is working are more than that of a person, who is just sitting at home, irrespective of the line of work.

Read this Case Study: of Ajay who did his engineering in 6 years, then worked in a restaurant and is today an officer in the Army: Ajay Clears SSB!


Don’t sit at home; please start working after graduation in whichever line that you can get. It will do you and your family a lot of good & also increase your chances of selection at the SSB.

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