Self –Description In SSB Interview

Self –Description In SSB Interview

Self –Description

In the psychology test of SSB you are required to write your self-description, which includes the opinions of parents, teachers, friends as well as your own. Often in interview questions as given below get asked:

  • How would your best friend describe you?
  • How would your boss describe you?

SSB aspirants should go prepared with what to write in their self-description so that it can be written well and quickly in the test and questions can be answered well without trying to think too hard during the SSB. Self-description will be unique to every individual. However, a sample self-description of a candidate is given below to guide SSB aspirants on the subject.

Parents’ Opinion

My parents know that I am honest, responsible and independent. They appreciate my concern for them and my younger brother’s well- being.  They appreciate my being confident and competent in academics as well as extra-curricular activities. They are confident that I will have a good future and bring a good name to the family. At times, they feel that I tend to be a little over- confident and advise me to stay grounded.

Teachers’ Opinion

My teachers considered me disciplined, punctual and respectful. They found me bright, responsible and an all-rounder. They believed that I could carry out any responsibility given to me with full enthusiasm. As such, I was appointed the Head- girl. They sometimes advised me to be less talkative. They feel that I will have a bright career.

Employer’s Opinion

My manager and team take me as responsible, helpful, hardworking and dedicated. They appreciate my zeal to keep learning as also accepting my faults and improving upon them.

Friends’ Opinion

My friends know that I am lively, helpful and totally trustworthy. They consult me about their various problems. They like my company. They feel I can adapt to any situation. They like me for my commitment. They appreciate my being focused on my career. They advise me not to trust people too easily.

Own Opinion

I am a responsible daughter, trustworthy friend and reliable worker. For me, my work is worship. I am helpful to my friends as well as colleagues.  In difficult times, I prefer to stay calm and resolve the problems.

Aspects I would like to Improve

I think I did not done justice to my academic potential in my school and college. I have resolved to rectify this aspect now. I need to improve my physical fitness as well as general awareness and have been working on the issues with reasonable success.

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  1. Hello sir
    Its is fine to use word like responsible,honest,hardworking as you have used or we have to express them by our written action… It is fine to use these word for expressing our qualities?

    • Don’t bother to state any opinion which you consider as wrong. Some of my relations used to consider me as a ‘loner’ & not a ‘team-player’. I never believed it or did anything about this misconception!

  2. Hello sir,
    Glad to see your works in helping the aspirants.
    Sir, under : what I would like to improve can I state ex. Short tempered and also state the measures Im taking to handle it.

  3. Sir, I have shown this Sample SD to a psychologist. In the “Aspect, I like to improve” paragraph the statement which says I have not done justice to my academic potential and resolved to improve it now shows regret and feeling regretted of past mistakes has no sense. It should be directly written that I would improve my scores and put my best efforts in my further qualifications.

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