Self Description of a Working Lady

A good sample self-description of a working lady is given in this blog.

Self Description of a Working Lady

Opinion of parents- My parents like the fact that I am responsible and obedient. They know that I am trustworthy, mature and respectful. My parents have pointed out that I need to be more considerate about my spending habits as well as to have a healthy diet. I have certainly been improving on both the matters and their advice has worked really well for me- from opening long term and short term saving plans to having family dinners.

  • Opinion of Employer – My employers appreciate the hard work and dedication I put in my work and have high expectations from me. I have been told that I am accountable, resourceful and a good sport to work with. My employers are right now training me in Hard skills like MS office, Mail Merge along with more assignments to work on my job profile. I have been asked to work on increasing my overall skill-set with courses on edx and coursera along with improving my writing capability which I am doing with the help of my seniors and juniors.
  • Opinion of friends– My friends love the fact that I am helpful, cheerful and supportive of their decisions. They have told me that I am understanding and easy to talk and approachable. They like my company and enjoy the get together as much as I do. My friends want more time and activities to be planned together. We have decided to host house gatherings and more frequent meetings from coffee shop to dinner to shopping visits. It is an ongoing process.
  • Own Opinion– I know that I am a young and energetic woman capable of achieving anything , which is possible with dedicated effort and time. I constantly work on improving myself from the feedback I receive from my family, friends and colleagues. I am very passionate about the ambitions I have set and see myself in service of my country in the future. I am organised and crisp with my execution of work assigned to me which gives me more opportunities to learn. I like challenging myself and work for the things I want and have a satisfactory track record till now.
  • Improvements needed– I need a healthier lifestyle with exercise and no junk food. My time management also can be made better and improved to get better results. The support of my social circle and a suitable environment coupled with my efforts will help me achieve the ultimate goal of my life- Being the best version of myself, to push myself beyond my comfort level and achieve bigger and greater targets.
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