Should I Consult Subordinates in Command Task?

Question: In case I am not getting any idea to solve a problem, should I consult my subordinates in Command Task in SSB?

The aim of every commander must be to do the assigned task in the most efficient manner possible. In case he does not get an idea as to what to do then he should consult his subordinates. By not consulting his subordinates a commander will be rated high in ego but definitely not in practical sense or in having the right focus on accomplishing the assigned task. It will be foolhardy of him to do so.

During Mahabharat the Pandavas asked Abhimanyu to lead them when the Kauravas formed the Chakravyuh. Abhimanyu was a very junior commander but also the most suitable at that time. Yudhishtir did the right thing.

Today, India is facing an economic crisis. By denying this fact and not consulting knowledeable people is the PM doing good for the country? Should he not consult those who have better knowledge?

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