Shubham Clears SSB!

Shubham Clears SSB!

Shubham Gautam, email: cleared SSB. His message:


Greetings! My name is Shubham Gautam. I have been trying to join the defense forces since class 12. I have given 6 attempts of SSB till now and got recommended from 1AFSB Dehradun on  11 May. In the next few lines I’ll be explaining how I emerged as a winner.

Previous attempts:

After passing class 12th, I took SSB coaching from a very renowned academy of Delhi for my TES entry. Unable to figure out that it had done more bad than good to me, I was confident that I’ll clear. I got conferenced out. Same followed in the next 4 attempts. My psychology was not realistic. I had preconceived ideas for stories. I portrayed extra heroic courage in my main character which many a times was impractical. There were a lot of myths which I thought were true.

The Transformation:

I’m an avid reader of Quora. I saw Mani Sir’s answers there and was very well able to connect with his thoughts and views. Soon, I contacted him for guidance and my transformation began. He told me the positives and areas in which I needed improvement and the ways I should work upon myself. He made me unlearn the absurd notions I had for psychology. He asked me to maintain a challenging routine which I started enjoying (and would follow for the rest of my life). I lacked in physical fitness. He being a fitness enthusiast made sure that I don’t negate this part of my personality.
Sir told me to speak the truth always in interview no matter what the Interviewer thinks. This, I think helped me a lot. It also instilled confidence in me.

The SSB testing:

I did psychology with ease without any extra ‘masala’ and made simple stories. I was able to do well in both the GDs and Lecturette in GTO as I had improved my GK on Sir’s feedback. In my Interview, I never felt as if I’m being grilled despite repeated attempts of the Interviewer to pressurize me. I was being interrupted in most of my answers with another question. When I told him my daily routine, he listened to me very carefully and looked really impressed. I answered all GK questions with ease.
Later, when the results were announced I was one of the two guys who got recommended. The feeling of reaching the dais in between heavy applause by my fellow mates when my chest No. was announced was out of the world. I had finally made it and I felt confident as ever!

Post selection:

I told Sir about my recommendation and he was delighted to hear this news. But he told me that I still need to work more on my fitness as my physical standards don’t match that of an officer. I’ve started working even harder now and will become even fitter soon.

My advice:

  • The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine. Tried and tested. Works brilliant.
  • If you are a believer of luck, remember, there is this thing called ‘Hard work’, the more you do it, the luckier you become.
  • ‘One year from now, you will wish that you would have started today!!’ I posted this quote on my study table and my phone’s wallpaper, and it never failed to get me going. You can do the same. Other quotes would also help.
  • Lastly, please have firm belief in yourself. You can do anything and everything!

Cheers and Peace!

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  1. An inspirational one. Your success story will help many like me to clear the ssb.
    Congratulations on your success brother.

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