Solved GPE with Comments

Solved GPE with Comments

You are 8 students from city Deer had gone for boating on the riverside.  You had parked yourself on the southern side of the river at a point A.  While your friends were boating, you were going to village Tiger to bring drinking water.  While crossing the Railway line, you notice that one fish plate of the Railway line has been found completely removed.  A boy came running to inform you that he overheard 5 terrorists planted a powerful road mine to kill the Chief Minister who will be passing in one hour time.  The terrorists were hiding in the nearby jungle.  At the same time, one villager came to inform you that a tigress has mauled 2 young girls and they are lying unconscious in the jungle.  Just then another man informs that his haystack was on fire and wanted your help.  There is a Police post and a PCO in Vill Lion.  A messenger from PCO enquires your name and informs that your mother is seriously ill and your presence is immediately required.  When you start moving, you see a young beautiful daughter of Pradhan of Vill Tiger, who was walking along with you, just slips and falls in the ground well.  But you do not know swimming.  The Vill Pradhan has got 5 guns with him.  The train will pass through your location at 1600 hrs.  A half an hour bus service is available between cities Deer and Bear.  A number of carts are available in Vill Fox.  There is a motor boat which can travel at a speed of 10 KM per hr.  Time now is 1415 hrs.  You have got a jeep with you,being a young and brave students what will you do ?

No . Situation Resource allotted Time taken Explanation
1 Saving the girl 1 person + jeep 1415 to 1430 Ask the girl to hold on to something =>Rush to the village => get help to save girl
2 Broken railway track, terrorists and mauled girls in jungle 2 person + 1 boat 1430 to 1500 Rush to your friends => Group 1=>take one boat=>Rush to police => Inform them of mine, terrorists ad mauled girls in Jungle
3 Burning haystack and mother 5 person + jeep 1430 to 1500 Group 2 => rushes to help villager; you need to leave for city => board bus to leave for city
The method of writing is good. Points to note:
1. There should be a rope in the well along with a bucket. The girl should be encouraged to hold it & then pulled up.
2. Villagers, particularly family members of the young injured girls, would be taking action to save them. You can assist them.
3. Hay stack would have burnt down already, hence nothing needs to be done.
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  1. Sir I want to clear ssb. Is there any provisions for online to prepare gk and current affairs for ssb. What are are the tips to improve my old in 3- 4months. Kindly reply . better suggest your views on my email id

  2. Sir, in the above GPE problem, can’t we use the resources available at village pradhan i.e., 5 shotguns to save the mauled girls from tigress. Those who posses shotguns will definitely how to use them. I am not saying to kill the tigress, just to afraid her.

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