Some More SRT Responses

Some More SRT Responses

SSB aspirants really love psychology tests in general and SRT in particular. One student has brought up some more situations for me to answer. Here are my answers:

  1. He was walking on a dark street with his girlfriend; suddenly ten armed people came and started harassing his girlfriend. The next police station is 10 km away… He and his girlfriend ran away to safety.
  2. You are driving a car on highway at full speed suddenly brakes fail. You get the car to the left side and keep decelerating by lowering the gears and bring the car to halt.
  3. You opposed strike in college and you are beaten up by strikers (your colleagues). You complain to the college administration.
  4. While canvassing for a particular candidate in election you were beaten by opposition. You complain to the college administration.
  1. When he was going to market, it was raining and all the streets were flooded in no time. He bought the required stuff and ran back home.
  2. He was going to a nearby village with his sister on cycle; his cycle broke down on the way and it started raining. He and his sister walked the balance distance.
  3. While returning from picnic in a hilarious mood, one of his friends was knocked down by a truck. He noted the truck’s number, gave first aid to friend and took him to the nearest hospital for treatment.


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