Some Responses in SRT with Logic

Some Responses in SRT with Logic

Situation 1: You are woken up at night while traveling in a train and find a thief trying to steal your brief case from the window.

Good Response: You catch him and alert others in the compartment and hand him over to the police.

Logic: If you just scare him away then he will steal from someone else. By catching him you are getting a criminal out of the society and getting him punished.

Situation 2: You find some miscreants misbehaving with a girl in a cinema hall.

Good response: You call the cinema security and have them thrown out of the cinema hall.

Logic: If you ask the girl to change the seat or just warn the miscreants they will continue troubling the society. By taking firmer action you have done better for the society.

Situation 3: You were entering your friend’s house through a window; people saw you and taking you for a thief attacked you.

Good response: You never enter any house through window hence this contingency cannot arise. You enter only from the main door.

Logic: Entering any house through window is a suspicious act, generally undertaken with mala fide intent & no sensible person should do so.

Situation 4: You were guarding a post and a terrorist shot and injured your leg and he is trying to snatch your rifle.

Response: You shot the terrorist dead. There is no question of allowing the terrorist to come close to snatch the rifle.

Logic: This situation is meant for service entry candidates. I had heard of some such incidents occurring with Manipur or J&K Police long back. In these cases the security personnel were probably complicit with the insurgents/terrorists. This situation cannot occur with a sane and trained soldier.

Situation 5: He has won 25 lakh in Kaun Banega Crorepati. His mother wants to donate 10 lakh to a temple, his father wants to give 5 lac to an Ashram. His friend needs some money. He is yet to complete his own education and has three younger sisters and one brother. He will  :

Response: Keep the money in bank for his as well as his siblings education & will give some money to his friend and give Rs1000 each to temple & ‘ashram’.

Logic: If parents/elders/seniors express illogical desires we should not obey them without thinking. We should act rationally.

Situation 6: Your boss does not agree with your point. You will

Response: Explain your point with greater clarity and be open to accept in case the boss is right.

Logic: Between two people there are 50% chances of either one being right. It is possible that the boss has not understood your point-hence reexplanation; Since you could be wrong it is sensible to be open to accepting this probability.

Situation7: You have to report to Kashmir on being commissioned from OTA and the same day your father has a heart attack. You will:

Response: Speak to the CO/Adjutant and seek CL of one week & report once father has stabilised.

Logic: There is no war on in Kashmir. The unit was functioning without you till date & should be able to do so for another week. The crisis is at home-it is a matter of life & death & hence being at home is more important.

Situation 8: You are having high fever but were ordered by your Scout master to do a long march. You will:

Response: Explain the situation to the Scout master and take exemption from the route march, take medicine, rest & recover.

Logic: There is no war on. By doing this long march you will not benefit but your health will definitely deteriorate. It is irrational to go for the march.

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