SRT Samples Considered Difficult

SRT Samples Considered Difficult 

There are quite a few SRT samples which are considered as difficult or ‘tricky’ by aspirants. One of my students has compiled them and I am sharing the responses for the benefit of SSB aspirants in this blog. 

Sample Responses

  1. He receives conflicting orders from his two superior officers. He went to his immediate reporting officer and told him the conflicting order received from the other senior & after clarification obeyed the order.
  2. He was going to attend SSB interview. On reaching the Railway Station he noticed that his suitcase has been stolen with his original certificates needed at SSB. He immediately lodged an FIR, went back & got the original certificates from the college & then attended SSB.
  3. While he was traveling on his scooter, someone at gunpoint demanded his purse. He rammed the scooter into him, took his gun & lodged FIR against the criminal.
  4. He was going on a bicycle in thick jungle. It was already dark and his destination was 10 Km away. His cycle got punctured. He walked with the cycle to destination.
  5. He is new in the city. Suddenly he noticed that all his items were stolen. He had no money in his pocket. He got money from home through PAYTM, lodged FIR & managed.
  6. He observed a Cobra was approaching his brother who was sleeping in a room at night. He struck the Cobra on the head & killed it with one stroke.
  7. He was in a NCC Camp. While on guard duty at mid night , he observed a person crossing the fence and getting in. He challenged him & the person ran away.
  8. While negotiating a forest with his friend, his friend lost consciousness due to exhaustion. He gave him water, made him recover, rested a little & continued walking.
  9. He was caught alone at night by thugs who demanded all valuables on him while he was unarmed. He, being an athlete, ran away & could not be caught.
  10. While crossing a jungle, he observed that a tiger was standing just 10 yards from him. He quietly & quickly climbed a tree.
  11. While going through a jungle, he noticed that someone was following him with a rifle. He joined him & they walked together.
  12. He was on leave in his village. Once at night he got up due to firing sound and cries of the villagers. He noticed that village was attacked by dacoits. He immediately informed the Police, organized the villagers & young men with firearms fought the dacoits till the arrival of Police.
  13. He and his friend were arguing over a topic later he found that his friend was correct. He thanked his friend for educating him.
  14. While going through a forest with his brother, he lost the way and it had become dark. He managed his way through the GPS.
  15. While coming back from late night movie show he saw 5 men are harassing a girl. He shouted & scared the criminals away & later dropped the girl home.
  16. His mother is seriously ill and his boss doesn’t grant him leave. He promises his boss that he will complete the assigned work, take leave & attend to his mother.
  17. While traveling in the train, his compartment got fire. He pulled the chain to stop the train & helped the passengers evacuate the compartment & railway staff to fight the fire.
  18. He was forced to vote the candidate whom he doesn’t like. He voted for the candidate of his choice.
  19. While watching movie in a movie theater, he saw a snake near his legs. He stomped on its head & killed it.
  20. In a discussion, he found that he is losing ground. He accepted the better logic of others.


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1 Comment

  1. I personally found e.g. no. 2, 3 & 12 to be exaggerated solution from an average persons point of view…
    e.g. no. 2 – this solution is totally hypothetical… generally people reach not more than 1 day before the ssb…also it is always in some other state….
    and now…getting all the certificates made i.e. 10th, 12th and all the graduation certificates within one day…and reaching back is ssb…is next to impossible
    E.g. no. 3 – if someone is pointing a gun and demanding money… it is better to give money than loosing life… not everyone is rambo and not everyone can fight a person armed with gun…atleast not me
    E.g. no. 12 – same goes for this too… getting young people and making them fight with dacoits is sheer madness… there will be a casualty… it is better to give money and get looted than risking others life.
    I hope i’ll get a clarification….do correct me if i’m wrong
    P.S. – i’m involved in sports and have been in hand to hand fight situation… which i handled well…
    but i have never been in sheer madness of fighting with an armed person…
    so atleast i think, i dont lack in courage….
    but above situation is too risky for an average man…
    and example no. 2 is totally hypothetical

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