SSB: Common Misconceptions 

SSB: Common Misconceptions 

I have enumerated some common misconceptions about SSB to help my students and other aspirants.


  • Misconception: Don’t speak against the government’s policies. 
  • Fact: This is untrue. You should not hesitate to criticise policies or actions in accordance with what you feel is right or wrong.
  • Misconception: It is a good quality to shout loudly and prevent others from speaking in all discussions. It shows that you are assertive and have the good quality of taking initiative.
  • Facts: This behaviour shows that you are a dysfunctional member of a group, selfish & insecure. Being polite and considerate are good qualities, essential for team-work. That is how you should behave!

Psychology Tests

  • Misconception: In TAT the main character should be of your age as well as gender and also from a similar background. 
  • Fact: This is a stupid idea. If you are shown a village girl filling water in an earthen pot from a river & you are an urban male then how can you adhere to this advice? You should write a story about a rural girl only.
  • Misconception: Candidates should make efforts to show consistency in responses.
  • Facts: In SRT when situations are similar your responses should obviously similar. Apart from this, a candidate should not be bothered about trying to establish consistency in responses. This is the job of the assessor & he/she will do it!


  • Misconception: In Group Planning Exercise a candidate must make efforts to nominate himself and narrate the plan on behalf of the group. 
  • Comments: This is a very commonly observed stupid conduct of coached candidates. It should never be done. Only narrate the plan if others have nominated you to do so.
  • Misconception: If a self-appointed person narrates his plan in the GPE which is not sensible you must agree with it because in military life this is the norm.
  • Comments: Military is not a stupid organisation; you should not agree to senseless ideas; Please correct the ideas considered as wrong by you unhesitatingly, in the plan narrated.


  • Misconception: The interviewing officer has read whatever you wrote in the psychology test and you must ensure that you speak exactly the same things.
  • Facts: The IO does not have access to your psychology test responses. However, it is sensible to write the truth in the psychology tests as well as state the same to the IO.


Please make a note of these points & not be misguided by the trash being promoted by coaching academies and SSB websites. When in doubt as to what to do please go by common sense rather than irrational ideas you have heard from others.

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