SSB Tips

General Guidelines For SSB

English Is The Language Of The Defense Services and Is Important, Not only for SSB, But professional advancement In anyfield.

Good general knowledge, good expression, a friendly and helpful nature will help a candidate get selected In SSB and elsewhere.

If you are not comfortable speaking In English, speak freely In Hindi or Hinglish. Effective communication Is the need, not English language. Generally, the problem Is lack Of self-confidence Induced By lack of fluency In English.

Approach to SSB

Group behaviour starts as soon as you meet others at the SSB Centre.

Candidates assess each other for their competence, as well as sociability. This process is unrelated to the formal assessment but influences it.

Please go for the SSB with the conviction of being selected, without any self-doubts. This will positively affect your personality & influence others accordingly.

Do not consider others as rivals, who have to be beaten, for you to be selected. Approach with a philosophy: 

“let us all perform well, & along with others, I should also get selected”. 

The usual philosophy prevailing in the world, “I should get selected at the expense of others” is unsuited for selection in SSB.

Having good general knowledge, expression and a friendly nature positively impacts your social rating by peers, and will positively impact your chances of selection as well. It will have an impact on the tests as well. For example; In the group, before the tests, you start discussing some current affairs topic. Most of the group will have superficial knowledge, based on TV headlines, news or newspaper headlines. One or two may have deeper analytical knowledge based on their having read editorials on the topic. Naturally, these candidates will be more respected by others.

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