SSB: First Chance-Golden Chance?

“First chance is the golden chance!” This is a common belief among SSB aspirants. This statement is not false. There is merit in it. The essential difference in first chance and subsequent chances is just one:

“In the first chance the benefit of doubt goes to the candidate but in the subsequent chances it goes to the wisdom of past assessors”
Explanation by Examples:

Candidate A stands up and speaks very loudly during PPDT in first attempt. If he is overall quite okay he may get screened in but if he is a repeater he is unlikely to be screened in.

Candidate B (an engineer) is found to be possessing good reasoning ability, practical sense & communication skills by the interviewing officer. The candidate may not get asked any question related to his technical field & recommended. If he was a repeater it is unlikely that the IO will not ask him technical questions & he will get recommended on the assumption that his knowledge would be good.

This is the subtle but clear advantage enjoyed by a fresher compared to a repeater. However, if you are competent and have worked to improve yourself you will get recommended. Please read the success stories of so many students of No Frills Academy who got recommended in their 4th, 5th, 10th or later attempts.

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