Strategy to Get Screened-in at SSB

Strategy to Get Screened-in at SSB

Tests of Individual Skills

  1. OIR Test. Intelligence is tested in the OIR test. You can take it to account for approximately 25% of the marks. To ensure clearance, marks scored should be above 75–80%.
  2. Story. The quality of your story accounts for approximately 25% of the marks.
  3. Narration of Story. The quality of your narration accounts for approximately 25% of the marks.

Group Behavior

4. The discussion stage accounts for approximately only 25% of the marks. Thus when you start the discussion 75% of the screening-in process is already over and individual skills have already been assessed. In the discussion stage only your group behavior is being assessed, implying your ability to work as an effective member of a group and how you can influence it. Hence you should do the following:

  • Don’t get involved in out-shouting others as is popularly done by repeaters and coached candidates.
  • Don’t stick to your story but support the story which meets the following criteria:
    • It relates to the picture and is logical.
    • It is a story around which consensus can be evolved.

5. The quality of what you speak is much more important than the quantity in the discussion. Hence 2–3 sentences spoken to build consensus are sufficient.


By adopting this strategy you will not only increase your chances of being screened-in but also of others as well!


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  1. One of the best posts regarding this topic!
    thank you!
    BTW please separately suggest some exercises for GTO individual obstacles.

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