Stupid Coaching Academy Type Story

Example of a Common Stupid Coaching Academy Type Story

Given below is an example of a common, stupid, coaching academy type story.
Description of Picture for PPDT
A man standing on a short foot bridge across a narrow stream. A couple rowing a small boat in the stream. Another couple walking along the river bank & two dogs standing near them.
Common Story by My Students

Manoj and his friends went to River rafting. While they were crossing the an old bridge Manoj saw a crack in eastern pillar of that bridge. He comes on the bank and rushed towards bridge. He informed people to not cross bridge with heavy vehicle and he also install a sign board on the both side of Bridge. He rushed to collector office where he inform them about the bridge crack. DM inspected the site and find positive about crack. He calls Chief Civil engineer of the district to repair the bridge. The crack was repaired in a week time. Later the bridge was opened for public and heavy vehicles.
My Comments
This is a very poor, coaching academy type story. It is embarrassing for me that my students write such trash stories. From the picture it is apparent that there is no panic at all and all is calm. An appropriate story would could have been on the following themes:
1. The person thinks about the environment or cleaning of the river.
2. He pursues a plan of creating a road bridge in place of a foot bridge & the plan fructifies.
3. He comes home on leave and plans about progressing his village through education or improved connectivity.
I hope none of you will ever write such trash in future. Creating a problem & then solving it is the traditional stupidity adopted by coached candidates. Please never do this!

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