Success for Haidar!

Success for Haidar!

Haidarali Nadir Shah, Mob: email: of No Frills Academy has recently tasted
success. Narrated below is his success story in his own words.


Haidar’s Words

If you seek personality development and positive changes in yourself then the appropriate guide is Col MM Nehru. He is very competent in analyzing people. In my first talk with him he had said:

“You are made for technical field. Your talent may get wasted in Defence Forces” SSB is the complete package of questioning yourself about : Who, What and How you are in reality?

I had appeared for the SSB for the December GS-X (Indian Navy) [Conference Out]. I definitely failed since I took it lightly and did not work totally in accordance with what Sir had guided me.  Later, however, I worked systematically to improve all the aspects Sir had told me about being organized, disciplined, having a systematic routine, improving my fitness and attitude. I am glad that I had him as a guide and obeyed his advice.

His teachings based on his vast experience made me to crack the Corporate Interview of UNIQLO (Ranked 3rd in world for clothing) and fetch a package of Rs 37.5 Lacs per year.

Today be it a government or corporate job, employers seek personal qualities in addition to technical knowledge. Since Sir has knowledge of diverse fields I could consult him on a vast range of issues. He also has the unique ability to understand our talents and aptitudes well (sometimes better than us!) and can thus offer good career advice.

Advice for Aspirants

Whether you crack SSB or not, join Defense Forces or not, Do not Give Up you efforts. Work on your personal growth and results will follow. Your efforts and self-belief will give you the confidence to succeed. Be your true self and let the interviewers know you without any hang-ups.

Col Nehru’s Words

Haidar has great interest in software. Being highly intelligent he has gained great competence in his field of knowledge, which is world class. His talents may have been under- utilized in the Defence Forces. I was never keen that he joins the Services & told him as much. Haidar has been over-generous with his words about me. The truth is that his technical brilliance earned him the job. He is an honest, reliable and helpful person. My guidance would have played a role of not more than 5% in his success.

I am primarily a personality developer and like to guide people become more effective in their lives in accordance with well- established principles. I have been made into an SSB expert by the society. I enjoy working with the (short-cuts seeking) youth & help them realize that short-cuts don’t exist. Learning from guys like Haidar enriches my life. Thanks!

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