Sunil Does It!

Sunil Does it!

Sunil of No Frills Academy, email id: cleared SSB. No Frills Academy congratulates him and salutes his perseverance & thanks him for inspiring others.

Sunil’s Message:

I got recommended from 2 AFSB Mysore, for AFCAT entry in my 15th attempt. I was very much influenced by the Quora posts of Nehru Sir and I decided to take his guidance.

Routine is KeyI found that, the more research I was doing about SSB my chances of my rejection were getting higher. Sir, guided me not to focus on SSB and rather to focus on myself by making an organized routine. I organized myself and my daily routine, which included the activities which kept my mind and body healthy. I used to plan my daily work and execute it accordingly. It slowly brought the right changes in me.

I stopped thinking about SSB. The more we think about SSB the more we keep ourselves bound to the SSB process and do not focus on overcoming our weaknesses.

Sir gave full support to me through out, and whenever I deviated from my path, I shared with sir and after his guidance again felt myself well aligned to my goals & encouraged. Thank you sir!

Message to Aspirants

Guys I always feel if I can do then anyone can do it.  I would suggest avoid thinking about SSB and think on improving yourself. SSB assessment is just the reflection of who you are, and what you do daily. Having a positive approach towards life will easily help you achieve the goal. Good luck!

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