Sushaban Makes Us Proud!

Sushaban Makes Us Proud!

Sushaban Paul/ of No Frills Academy cleared SSB recently. He shares his experience for the benefit of aspirants.

Sushaban’s Words

I got recommended for SSC(Tech) men – 53 from 17 SSB Bangalore in my 8th attempt. Previous 7 attempts were: Conference out – 2 and Screen out – 5

Stage 1

Total 280 candidates had reported. In OIR stage test the booklet contained 47 and 45 questions to be solved in 17 min and 15 min respectively. I solved almost all of them in the given time. The key here is to attempt all the questions as there is no negative marking. In PPDT, there was a picture of a male of 22-25 years, an old lady lying on bed and a lady of 45-50 years standing at the door. I made the story of a guy who stayed away from his home because of his job came to meet his old grandma who lived in a village. I narrated confidently and then participated well in the discussion. Here the key is not to keep speaking continuously. One should listen to others and not waste time in discussing the number of characters, age, sex and mood because time is very less. Please directly hit on the theme of the story. Discern the theme by listening to the narration of the other candidates. Since it was a repeater’s batch there was a fish market situation created by people shouting. GTO sir divided us in sub groups and I contributed well in the discussion. Since the common story was around my story it was easy to contribute. After this out of 280, 38 candidates were screened in.

Stage 2

DAY 2: Psychology Test

The test began at 7.00 am in the morning. The tip here is to make simple stories i.e. do not add unnecessary problems and avoid adding characters from outside, as suggested by numerous websites. In WAT, write whatever hits your mind on seeing the word as time for each word is very less i.e. 15 sec. In SRT, write short and crisp solutions as advised by sir in the e-book, “The Practical Guide to Clearing SSB Psychology Tests”. 

DAY 3: GTO 1

The GTO began with GD. The GD topics were:

  1. Reason of depletion of environment condition
  2. Over-expolitation of natural resources
  3. Increasing population
  4. Industrialization
  5. What is the reason that youth is attracted towards modelling?
  6. Glamour
  7. Money
  8. Fame

GPE, In GPE the tip is to try to get the group towards a consensus plan and give the points with reasons (proper time and resource).

PGT and HGT – I participated actively. Owing to some boisterous candidates I was not able to able to implement my ideas. However, I kept giving my ideas and did not lose hope. Advice: If anyone is implementing any idea which is workable then we should support and not try to cut him off to impress.

GOR – The group obstacle race was fun. I helped the team to cross the obstacles and repeated the obstacles when asked by GTO sir. We kept the spirit high during the entire race.


Here the regular discussion with other students of No Frills Academy helped me a lot. The topics were:

  • Yoga
  • Hatred crimes
  • Capital punishment
  • Water scarcity

I spoke on hatred crime. I divided my topic in four parts :-  Introduction, current scenario in the world, solutions & conclusion.

GTO – 2

I did 11 IOs.

The difficulty level of command task was medium and I cleared it.

The FGT went well and one of the members of our group gave a good idea which helped us to clear the obstacle.


Interview was taken by additional IO. There were 4 rapid fire question series, then GK questions and after that a few technical questions were asked. I answered almost all the questions and for the questions which I could not answer, he told me to find the answer for the same. Overall the interview revolved mostly on the decisions that I had taken in my life and the reasons for those (office life and personal life).


In the conference, I was asked to rate my performance and the things that I felt went wrong in GTO (since I had ranked GTO in 3rd place). Then the general question “how was the food and any suggestions?”. Then he wished me luck and asked me to leave.

Finally, the technical officer came with the results and 5 of us made it. I got medically fit and am now waiting for the merit list to join OTA Chennai. 


I would say NFA was the main reason for my success as Nehru sir helped me to know my weak areas and guided me about improving upon them. I followed the time table approved by him strictly and updated him twice a week which further gave me motivation to work hard. In the 2 months’ period under his guidance I focused on the following:

  • Improving GK.
  • Improving my physical fitness.
  • Regular participation in discussions with No Frills Academy students group.
  • Adhering to the planned routine with commitment.

 I worked on the feedback given by sir and the group mates. It may surprise some of you that I never practiced psychology tests or did anything specific for GTO other than fitness improvement, lecture, GD & GPE practice in the group. I went by sir’s advice and believed that if I improve my personality overall then performance in all the tests would automatically follow. Thanks a lot sir! Jai Hind !

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