Tell me about Yourself?

Tell me about Yourself?

This is a common question asked in interviews. In SSB it may be asked as such or maybe worded as: “How your best friend will describe you?” or something like that.
It is not expected that you start with telling your name, education qualification, where you reside, etc, unless it is an introductory question then you should tell such things only. This is the usual answer in normal conversation when a person basically introduces himself/herself. In an interview the appropriate answer is to give a brief of your strengths and weaknesses, because the interviewer has your resume or PIQ form with him.
Please be honest in answering the question. If you are a SSB aspirants you don’t have to start thinking much because you would have written the details in the ‘Self-Description’ in the Psychology test.


Please do not exaggerate your strengths. Be truthful and objective.

Hiding Weaknesses?

Be honest in conveying your weaknesses. However, be sensible as well in the degree of honesty. For example such details are best avoided:

  • I stole money in hostel.
  • I attempted suicide after my 12 th board result.
  • I was rusticated for attacking my teacher with knife.

Sample Answer:

“ I am a responsible son, a disciplined and competent student ( I got third rank in my class in 12th), a trustworthy and helpful friend. I used to help most of my class-mates in Math. Since I was overly focused on academics in 11th & 12th, hence I neglected sports and physical fitness. My general awareness is also not good. Since finishing my exams I have been working consistently to improve my fitness as well as GK.”

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  1. Respected Sir! Thanks a lot sir for your guidance …every serious SSB aspirant is very grateful to u..
    I have some doubts regarding SSB and I request you earnestly to please answer this question ….If an SSB aspirant has never been able to participate and represent his school/college at any level in games and sports but plays only for fun with his friends..then will it hamper his selection in SSB ?

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