Vamshi Clears SSB!

Vamshi Clears SSB!

Vamshi has shared his SSB preparation & experience below:

My name is Vamshi E; I belong to Bengaluru. I recently got recommended for the Indian Air Force flying branch through CDSE entry from 3AFSB Gandhinagar. This was my 5th attempt (4 times Conference out before). My journey as a defence aspirant has been a great learning experience which has transformed my overall personality. My first interaction with Col MM Nehru sir was in Oct 2018. After having seen sir’s answers on Quora and the blogs of No Frills Academy, I felt his guidance methodology was very practical and process-driven with no shortcuts or tricks to clear SSB. I enrolled into his personal guidance program. He analysed my strengths and weaknesses through a psychology test and personal interview on Skype, and suggested me to improve upon my physical fitness, general knowledge and to follow a more disciplined and organised lifestyle. I started reading newspaper and watching news debates on YouTube on a daily basis. We had a Whatsapp group of NFA students in which we discussed Current Affairs topics, and had mocks of other Group Tasks (GPE, Lecturette, PPDT) regularly. To improve my physical fitness, I started running, followed a strict diet and joined gym. I managed to reduce 22 kg in less than 6 months, and felt physically more confident. As a result of all these activities on a daily basis, my overall competence increased. I don’t want to get into details of what happened in each task during the SSB because I feel it won’t help you in any manner. A big thank you to Col Nehru sir for showing the right direction and helping me throughout my preparation, and my best wishes to all fellow aspirants.


My only advice to all of you is to keep working upon yourself and improve as a person; this will enable you to become a deserving candidate for the Armed Forces officer cadre & clearing SSB will follow automatically.

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