Vishwajeet Sticks to Plan to Succeed

Vishwajeet Sticks to Plan to Succeed

Vishwajeet Yadav, mob: 7055558808; e-mail: of No Frills Academy got recommended for IMA-148 from 14SSB Allahabad. We congratulate him. He shares his experience with us.

Vishwajeet’s Words

I got recommended after having been screened out four times and conferenced out once.

First contact with sir gave me a fair idea as to my short-comings. I obeyed sir’s advice of religiously following my daily plan prepared to improve upon my weak areas. I improved my knowledge of the core subjects, worked upon my fitness and also improved my English. I used to take part in regular discussions that we have in the groups created among students of No-Frills Academy to improve oral communication as well as GK. Since I reside close to Meerut, I could meet sir on Wed and Sun every week. Apart from discussing things related to SSB and GK on these occasions I used to always write sentences that I had practiced to improve my English/vocabulary and get them checked by sir.


The essence of my learning and reasons for success are a realisation that:

“A good guide can only show you the path to success; you have to do the hard-work to succeed.”

Good luck to all aspirants and thanks to sir and my group members in helping me in my journey of success.

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