Why do you want to join the Defence Services?

Why do you want to join the Defence

I take the question to read “Defence Services” instead of “Army” for obvious
reasons. There is no single best answer to this question. The answer will be
different for different candidates in accordance with their personalities. We
will discuss the answers in accordance with some general types:

Past Service Background Candidates: “I have grown up
in the Services environment as my —- (relations) have been in the Services. I
like the culture, the camaraderie, the spirit of adventure, discipline, smart
dressing, neat and clean environment and well organized life.”

Adventure/ Sports Loving Candidates: “I love outdoor,
sports and adventurous life. Services offer me that.”

Passion for Flying Candidates: “I am passionate
about flying and hence Air Force is the only service for me”

Candidates who View Services as just
another Good Job
: “Services are the most respected organization in the country. Services offer the last refuge to India when all others fail. It offers good pay and service conditions. The corporate world offers much better pay, but the
camaraderie and brotherhood of the Services remain unmatched.”

These are some general answers. Please build your individual answer
around  one  or more of the points discussed above. Take care that the answer should be  closest to your personality and in your own words.


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