What Are the Chances of Selection of an Introvert?

What Are the Chances of Selection of an Introvert?


Extraversion or extroversion is one of the 5 big traits in assessing personality. Please read the link:

Big Five personality traits – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Five_personality_traits

It should be understood that “introvert” does not mean “shy” and “extrovert” is not someone who is attention seeking.

In the selection system of Defence Services we do not assess the level of extroversion of an individual specifically as is done in the tests referred to above.

Let me leave the technical jargon and come to simple stuff. A Defence Service officer would be required to work with people in leadership role hence a high degree of extroversion is a job requirement. Take an example:

An officer is inducted into a counter terrorist operations environment. Within one month he should have developed a rapport with all the influential people in the area as also developed some sources of information, apart from the intelligence agencies operating. This ability may make a difference in his and his troops staying alive or dead!

A socially less interactive leader would be definitely less successful. This quality is thus important.

If you are an introvert today it does not mean that you remain like that for your life. I have had several students who had low level of extroversion but improved within 2–3 months. You can change yourself, if you decide to do so. We are the masters of our destiny and can change ourselves suitably!

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