What Hobbies to Develop for SSB?

What Hobbies to Develop for SSB?

We Indians are great at faking. Hence faking hobbies comes very naturally to us. Let me narrate few interesting observations. I live in Meerut & socially interact with a few officers in the Gym. The General was fond of running, hence most officers were preparing to run half-marathons/ marathons. Now the General is getting posted out & the new incumbent is supposed to be fond of cycling. Naturally officers were consulting me about buying good cycles.

Golf-Hobby of Senior Officers

I worked in a Golf Course for 2 years & made friends with a retired General who used to come to play Golf sometimes. This guy had been playing Golf for 10 years. He did not know as to which club to use for a particular distance, something which is the basic ingredient of playing Golf!

The above are examples of faking hobbies. The genuine common hobby of the officers discussed was taking a good ACR from the General. Running, cycling, Golf were just routes to that objective.

Over 90% of students today are pressurised by marks obsession, either self-created or by the parents. Their forced hobby is attending extra-tuition classes! We select potential officers from among them only.


Don’t develop any fake hobby. Tell the truth & leave the hobbies column as blank. Since most of you are not used to exercising & fitness is an important selection criteria, make efforts to run & build strength as preparation for SSB, but don’t state these activities as hobbies unless you have been indulging in them for over 2 years or so.


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