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On Whose Side Are You?

On Whose Side Are You? Numerous visitors of my page express views that I am unduly critical of the government & laughably suggest that I should sometimes also praise Modi, just like the paid propaganda Read more…


Dober-Bernie I call Gen Dev, who has written the blogs on TA, Dober since 1981. He calls me Bernie. Dober, if I remember correctly, had got a Sena Medal as a Lt Col & recently Read more…

Examples of Journalism & Propaganda

Examples of Journalism & Propaganda I am quoting just two examples to help my students and followers understand the difference between journalism & propaganda. Good Journalism Please read this report. This information citizens should know: Read more…

TA: Blog 3 by Gen Chaturvedi

TA: Blog 3 by Gen Chaturvedi Gen Dev Chaturvedi has always been a fun loving guy with multiple talents. He was representing IMA in Tennis and Squash. We are both from Keren Company at IMA. Read more…

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