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Modern society is increasingly seeking short cuts & manipulating way to success. This approach often succeeds in generating wealth & getting promotions. The approach is bound to fail in clearing SSB, where genuine personal qualities are tested. Moreover, it is impossible to manipulate our way to better health, make us good parents & better colleagues in work place! Genuine improvement in us can be effected only by genuine effort! There are no short-cuts! Self improvement involves inculcating new, desirable habits & eradicating old, undesirable ones. This requires effort, patience & perseverance. The benefits are tremendous, as dividends accrue in all facets of our life. My guidance is designed to help students become better students, workers to become more effective workers, parents to become better parents & everybody to become healthier! There is no magic wand approach- as popularized by our gimmicks prone society. I simply guide to align our lives in accordance with time tested principles of life which can be observed in nature& have formed the bed rock of all genuinely successful societies in history. - Wish You All The Best

SSB Guidance

Our SSB guidance is one of the unique guidance in India. Our focus is only on improvement of personality, absolutely delinked from SSB process-90-95% Effort.

IAS Guidance

IAS guidance includes personal mentorship for excelling in interview.In our IAS unique guidance, we provide a comprehensive enviornment to excel an individual in all dimensions,

Fitness Guidance

Fitness is an important aspects of life. And keeping this thing in mind, we are providing our exclusive fitness guidance for anyone who want to keep them fit and want to excel in life.

Career Enhancement

This service is available for all aged group person.

Effective Parenting

This service is mainly for parents who want to give a better life to their children.

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