Col. MM Nehru (Retd.) | SSB Guru | Director, No Frills Academy

Retired Indian Army Officer Col. MM Nehru (Retd.) leads No Frills Academy (NFA) with a distinguished career and a passion for mentoring future leaders. His experience as a trainer, author, and former Deputy President of 17 SSB Bangalore makes him a true SSB Guru.

Key Qualifications & Achievements:

  • Military Leadership:
    • Alumnus of the prestigious National Defence Academy (NDA), India Squadron.
    • Infantry Officer graduate from the Indian Military Academy (IMA).
    • Commanded the esteemed 23 PUNJAB regiment.
  • Training Expertise:
    • Skilled personality developer and trainer with extensive experience.
    • Conducts sessions on leadership, time management, and personal effectiveness.
    • Empowered individuals across various backgrounds, including corporate clientele.
  • Unparalleled SSB Knowledge:
    • Former Deputy President of 17 SSB Bangalore, providing firsthand understanding of the SSB selection process.
    • Guides and prepares SSB aspirants for success with proven strategies.
  • Sports & Fitness Enthusiast:
    • Disciplined and physically fit, exemplified by his past and present achievements:
      • Top tennis player at NDA/IMA, excelling as a well-rated senior player today.
      • Top-rate boxer at NDA and trainer for national boxers, service shooters, commando teams, and athletes.
    • Offers valuable guidance to SSB aspirants to enhance their physical fitness.
  • Author & Knowledge Sharing:
    • Passionate about sharing his knowledge:
      • Author of books like “The Practical Guide to Becoming an Officer,” “Guide to Fitness,” and “Economics Made Easy.”
      • Actively participates on YouTube, offering insights and guidance to SSB aspirants.

Col. MM Nehru’s (Retd.) exceptional qualifications, combined with his real-world experience and dedication to mentorship, make him an invaluable asset for SSB aspirants. Choosing No Frills Academy allows you to benefit directly from his expertise and proven training methods, maximizing your chances of SSB success. Explore our comprehensive SSB coaching programs today or contact us for personalized guidance on your SSB journey.