Does Working and Planning for PG Show Less Interest in the Armed Forces (SSB Interview)?

Absolutely not! Having a job demonstrates responsibility towards yourself and your family. You can even pursue PG alongside your military career.

Multiple SSB Screening Out – How to Improve PPDT Performance?

Watch my video on improving SSB screening here. Extensive PPDT practice isn’t crucial. However, framing a few stories for practice can be helpful. Focus on achieving an Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) of 85% or higher. Project confidence during narration.

Is Hindi Allowed During GTO Tasks (SSB Interview)?

Using Hindi is acceptable if you struggle to recall specific English words. However, transitioning back to English is essential.

Uneven Performance in SSB GTO Tasks (GD, Lecturette vs. PGT, HGT, FGT) – Is It a Problem?

Your overall capabilities are evaluated. Focus on improving weaker areas. Numerous YouTube videos demonstrate PGT, HGT, and FGT tasks. Consider our guidance program if you lack the right training environment.

Does Height Matter in SSB Selection?

No, as long as you meet the minimum height requirement in the medical tests.

Multiple Written Exam Failures – Impact on SSB Interview?

Your present performance holds more weight than your past. However, honesty is crucial. Explain why you couldn’t clear previous written exams.

Failed JEE, Drop Year, Graduation Gap, and Written Exam Failures – What Now?

Consider enrolling in my Long Term guidance program. Your case requires significant improvement. Commitment is crucial during the program. Contact us for details: Call/Whatsapp +91 8218872994.

Do SSB Assessors Check Previous Attempts?

Your past attempts won’t be held against you. Your present performance matters the most. While the final result is recorded, the assessment itself is confidential.

Back-Up Plan for SSB Interview – Is It Necessary?

Having a back-up plan is wise, considering the medicals involved in SSB selection. Planning for another career option doesn’t signify a lack of faith in yourself; it showcases responsibility.

How to Approach the SSB Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)?

Craft sensible stories using proper English. If you perceive a problem in the picture, propose a solution. Avoid comments like “it’s a drama” etc.