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Welcome to No Frills Academy, your gateway to comprehensive online coaching for SSB and holistic personality development. Aspiring to join the esteemed ranks of the Indian defence forces? Look no further. Our specialized Individual Guidance Program (IGP) offers personalised mentorship from Retd. Col. MM Nehru, an SSB expert with vast experience in officer selection boards. Unleash your potential through interactive sessions, personal assessments, and expert guidance. Whether it’s refining your communication skills or acing the SSB interview, our program caters to your unique journey. Join us to embark on a transformative path towards becoming an officer, armed with the Officer Like Qualities (OLQs) that define leadership. Elevate your SSB preparation today with No Frills Academy – where true excellence meets online convenience.

Concept of My Guidance

  1. Concept. Focus is on improvement of core personality with the assumption that improvement in behaviour/ performance will automatically follow. Chances of clearing a competitive exam/job promotion/ SSB will improve.
  2. No Shortcuts. Effective personality development is a long-term proposition, without any shortcuts.
  3. Proactive Role of Individual. Role of the individual is much more important for personality development than that of the guide.

Advantages of My Guidance Programme

  1. Convenient: Guidance is available via a Zoom/WhatsApp/ phone call.
  2. No Time Wastage. No travel time; no staying at an academy.
  3. Enhanced Personal Effectiveness. Focus is on a candidate proactively improving his/her personality.
  4. Personalized Guidance. Guidance is customized to the unique needs of each individual.
  5. The Practical Guide to Become an Officer: Each student gets a copy of our most comprehensive book which has short, simple essays on personality development, SSB as well as physical fitness. This book has provided a compass to a large number of students for effective living.
  6. Group Activities: Groups among students are created which help each individual improve oral expression, GK, GD and lecture delivery skills. Group coordinators develop leadership skills.
  7. Long-term Guidance: The long-term guidance program has helped students  improve physical fitness and in cases reduce up to 30 kg in an year and greatly improve written and oral English.
  8. Success almost Assured: All my students who follow the advised road-map for improvement succeed in enhancing their personal effectiveness and get success in their careers, even if they do not clear SSB.


Focus on Improvement of Weak Areas of Personality


  1. First Action-Form Filling. Once a candidate contacts us, he/she is required to fill up a form & send it online to my email id.
  2. Second Action (1-3 days) Assessment & Identification of Areas of Improvement. Zoom/telephonic/face to face discussion with me for 60 min or so. In this discussion I assess the candidate. I make a note of the areas of personality which need to be improved considering the objectives to be achieved. Then considering the time available to the individual & his unique requirements I suggest to him/her a roadmap for improvement. He/she gets this feedback from me in writing.
  3. Subsequent Action- Feedback & Guidance. We fix up regular feedback & guidance mechanisms to monitor progress (as per the convenience of the candidate). Candidates will be assigned guidelines for development orally, as well as in writing through an email. The frequency of interaction is tailor made to the unique needs of each individual. It is generally once a week but maybe more in case needed.
  4. Bi-Weekly Group Sessions: Each Wed/Sun we have group sessions, in which the agenda is primarily decided by the students themselves. I coordinate these sessions personally and settle queries of a common nature.
  5. Group Activities: Groups of students created by us continue regular daily interactions on issues of common interest like, PPDT, GD, lecture, Group Planning Exercise and so on. They guide each other to improve.
  6. No Fixed Plan. Since each individual’s requirements are unique, a guidance plan is prepared to cater to them. It may involve the following:
    • Assigning & checking written work to improve expression.
    • Organizing a daily routine better.
    • Ensuring minimal time wastage in life.
    • Setting goals & achieving them.
    • Improving health & fitness through an effective exercise & diet plan.
    • Improving relations, enhancing all round effectiveness.
    • Discussing academic, general awareness and social issues to gain better clarity for enhanced effectiveness in interviews, GDs, lectures and presentations.
  1. No Batches. My guidance is one-on- one; there is no batch system.

Post Success

Most of my students remain in contact with me post attainment of their objective as new objectives get created and the focus in life changes from preparation to performance or vice-versa. With changes in nature of work/life balancing our work/personal life, health & fitness always remain a challenge in which my guidance remains relevant.

SSB Coaching Academies' vs Real Needs

  1. Teach definitions of OLQs. Need: be a competent student or worker.
  2. Teach how to project a good image. Need: make yourself genuinely competent.
  3. Mugging up stories & practicing SRT. Need: decent common sense-learnt from practical experiences.
  4. Preparing answers to questions in the interview. Need: Decent language & knowledge; just listen to questions & answer honestly & confidently; be comfortable with what you know as well as what you don’t know.
  5. Anticipate/find out as to what may be asked & find good answers for the questions; Need: be competent at whatever you are doing and answer from your perspective.
  6. Forcibly developing hobbies & then enhancing knowledge about them. It is not needed at all. Doing so displays diffidence.
  7. Identifying & trying to rectify mistakes after failed SSB attempts. Need: holistic Personality Development.
Coaching Academies vs Guidance at NFA