About NFA

At ‘No Frills Academy’, we are happy to guide you through our Online Individual Guidance Programme. Interview, Psychology, GTO. We have an overall development concept, daily improvements, achieving set targets, time and routine mgmt, for your core syllabus/work, communication skills, general awareness, maintaining fitness and building up a personality for the armed forces. You will be made a part of NFA Groups for daily group activities PPDT, GD, lecturrette, GPE, PGT, HGT-flexible timings. No batch-system. Regular bi-weekly joint sessions (Wed/Sun) with Col Nehru. Unlimited personal interactions. Short Term-1 month: Rs. 8000/- (Deboarding after a month), Medium Term-5 months: Rs. 14,000/-, Long Term- 1 year: Rs. 20,000/-. Call +91 8218872994 or mail at enrol@nofrillsacademy.com.

There is no batch-system. Here your one-to-one interaction with Col Nehru will take place. Your first call will be a set-up Zoom call. He will analyse you at least for an hour, what are your strengths, weaknesses, and points of improvement, and then accordingly a roadmap will be prepared. That roadmap includes everything – your career guidance, personal fitness, exams, SSB, psychology, communication skills, GK, Timetable setting, Goal setting. Nehru sir will be sharing with you his personal number. Personal psych eval and discussion after the interview. You will keep in touch with him on flexible timings for your progress.

Simultaneously, group activities are conducted. PPDT, GD, Lecturette, GPE, PGT, HGT. Timings are flexible. Google Meet sessions. Morning, afternoon, evening, late evening. Whenever you have time, you should participate. Wednesday Sunday Col Nehru will be available for joint Zoom sessions. Recordings will also be provided. The Practical Guide Book will reach your address. The earlier you join the better, because the earlier you join, the earlier feedback you will receive from Col Nehru of what is required to be done in your case, so that you will start working on that feedback and avoid last minute panic.

Short Term: Best for those whose SSB is scheduled within a month.

Medium Term: Best for those whose written exams are all clear but SSB call letter and dates are not yet out.

Long Term: Best for those who require holistic guidance till selection/recommendation.

Short Term Programme – 1 month at ₹8000, Medium Term Programme – 5 months at ₹14000 and Long Term Programme – 1 year (12 months) at ₹20000

Get the latest updates on Col. Nehru YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/SirNehru

Admission is through online mode by clicking on ‘Enroll Now’ option.

For any other query call us on +91 8218872994

Or write an email at enrol@nofrillsacademy.com