About NFA

At ‘No Frills Academy’, we are happy to guide you through our Online Individual Guidance Programme. We have an overall development concept, focused on daily improvements, achieving set targets, proper scheduling, time management, discipline, maintaining good fitness levels, grooming for the Armed Forces and gradually building up a better personality.

There is no batch system, its a continuous enrollment process. You will be made a part of NFA Groups where Group Activities like GDs, GPEs, PPDTs, Group Tasks PGT/HGT/FGT/CT Related Logic Building Exercises, Lecturettes are conducted with flexible timings. These form a vital part of increasing knowledge base and group dynamics. Col Nehru will guide students through regular bi-weekly (Wed/Sun) sessions. Apart from the bi-weekly sessions, unlimited personal interactions will take place as per your schedule. The guidance is online, but you will have to take some extra efforts offline, as regards physical fitness, stamina, muscles and strength building, balancing etc. so that you get the confidence required for your GTO tasks and obstacles, by using the resources near your place of stay.

It is generally seen that those who are observant and physically fit, they perform well in PGT/HGT/FGT/CT, and those who lack agility and mental and physical stamina, stay behind as a liability on the group, and hence some resolve and inputs will be required from students’ end. We intend to make SSB preparation a part of your daily life with regular follow up. You will get e-magazines, 1-1 guidance, psychology evaluation by Col Nehru, tailored to your routine. It’s a holistic programme covering all the aspects – GTO, Interview, Psychology, Conference. Continuous improvements will reflect in your SSB/AFSB/PSB-FSB.

Short Term Programme – 1 month at ₹8000, Medium Term Programme – 5 months at ₹14000 and Long Term Programme – 1 year (12 months) at ₹20000

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Admission is through online mode by clicking on ‘Enroll Now’ option.

For any other query call us on +91 8218872994

Or write an email at nofrillsenrollments@gmail.com