Are SSB Coaching Academies’ Taught Tricks Effective for Selection?


When it comes to SSB coaching academies, candidates often wonder if the taught tricks truly contribute to their success in defence selections. In this article, we delve into the effectiveness of coaching academy strategies and shed light on the crucial factors that actually lead to selection.

Do Tricks Determine Selection?

While coaching academies might suggest various tricks, it’s important to recognize that selection is driven by more than just these methods. Assessors prioritize choosing candidates based on their inherent qualities and potential, rather than mere gimmicks. Here’s what candidates and aspirants need to understand:

  1. Core Understanding vs. Tricks: The Indian education system sometimes produces engineers who lack a deep understanding of their core subjects. Surprisingly, even some of these candidates find success in selections. This emphasizes that while tricks might provide short-term gains, they don’t form the foundation of genuine selection.
  2. Influence of Coaching: It’s a fact that a significant majority of SSB candidates have been influenced by coaching. However, the assessors are skilled at recognizing the impact of coaching and looking beyond it. Some candidates are selected despite the influence, showcasing that assessors are committed to identifying true potential.
  3. The Perception Problem: A challenge arises when those who were selected despite coaching’s drawbacks attribute their success to the tricks they used. This perception spreads, leading to the false notion that coaching tricks are responsible for selection. The selection process doesn’t have a mechanism to counter this narrative, causing a misperception.

Drawing a Parallel:

To illustrate this point, let’s consider a contemporary example from India. PM Modi’s demonetization move was widely presented as a strong stand against corruption. However, the reality is different. Similarly, the belief that coaching academy tricks are the sole reason for selection contrasts with the truth that the SSB selection criteria have always focused on the 15 OLQs (Officer Like Qualities).

The Crux of Selection:

The foundation of selection remains steadfast – adequacy in the 15 OLQs. Attaining this adequacy isn’t about employing coaching academy tricks. Instead, it’s about showcasing these qualities authentically in daily life. The selection process’s essence revolves around inherent qualities, life experiences, and genuine development.


It’s imperative for defence aspirants to discern between promoted misconceptions and the actual selection criteria. While coaching academies offer valuable guidance, the real key to success lies in embracing and nurturing the 15 OLQs naturally. Remember, authenticity and genuine growth will always stand the test of time in SSB selections.


By: Col. MM Nehru