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Unlock your potential and achieve your dreams with the best SSB coaching in India. At No Frills Academy, we provide personalized and comprehensive coaching designed to help you succeed in the SSB interview process and join the esteemed ranks of the Indian Armed Forces.

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10 Years of Excellence

With over a decade of experience, No Frills Academy stands out as the top choice for SSB coaching in India. Our success stories and proven track record speak for themselves. Thousands of aspirants have achieved their goals with our expert guidance.

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One of the Best SSB Coaching in India

  • Personalized Interaction: Individual guidance and mentorship tailored to your needs.
  • GTO Tasks: Practical training and insights into GTO tasks.
  • Personal Psyche Evaluation: Understand and improve your psychological readiness.
  • Regular Q&A Sessions: Stay updated and clear your doubts with regular interactive sessions.

Personalised Interaction

GTO Tasks

Personal Psyche Evaluation

Regular Q&A Sessions

Our Programmes

Individual Guidance Programme

At No Frills Academy, we offer various SSB preparation programs to suit different needs. Our programs are designed to provide comprehensive training, expert guidance, and the necessary resources to excel in the SSB interview process.

Short Term

  • Duration: 1 week
  • Price: ₹8000
  • Includes:
    • Interview preparation
    • Psychology evaluation
    • Access to NFA E-material
    • Hard Copy of "The Practical Guide to Become an Officer" book
    • Unlimited personal interactions with Col. Nehru
    • Access to NFA group activities
    • Joint group sessions on Wednesdays & Sundays with Col. Nehru
    • Personal guidance for communication skills & English improvement
    • Personal guidance for physical fitness

Medium Term

  • Duration: 2-4 months
  • Price: ₹14000
  • Includes: Everything in the Short Term program, plus extended personal guidance.

Long Term (Popular)

  • Duration: 1 year & beyond
  • Price: ₹20000
  • Includes: Everything in the Medium Term program, plus continuous support for long-term success.

Learn about the SSB Process

Complete SSB Interview Process

Unlock success in the SSB interview process with expert insights and tips from Col MM Nehru. Learn the ropes of the SSB procedure and enhance your chances of joining the Indian Armed Forces. Achieve your dreams today with the best SSB coaching in India.

Learn about

SSB Screening Tips

Start your SSB preparation today with our comprehensive video guide. Col MM Nehru, personal mentor for Individual Guidance Programs at No Frills Academy, shares valuable tips and strategies to help you clear the SSB screening process.

Our Success Stories

Read about the success stories of our students who have been recommended in SSB interviews. Our personalized and effective coaching has helped many achieve their dreams of joining the Indian Armed Forces.

Shubham Mahajan

AIR 1 in CDS 1 2022 for OTA

Vanisa Upadhyay

AIR 1 for TGC Entry
Recommended 4 times back to back

Animesh Mishra

AIR 1 for TGC Entry

Abhishek Raj

AIR 1 for IMA and INA in CDS 2 2018


Recommended for the Indian Navy Architecture entry in her 7th attempt with AIR 1

Mohit Saini

Recommended back to back thrice in in TES-48, NDA-150, TES-49

Gaurang Kumar

Recommended in his 5th attempt for SSC Tech 61 with AIR 11

Fiza Ahmad

AIR 2 in AFCAT(Women) July 2023 course

Vaishnavi K N

Recommended for the Indian Navy, Indian Air Force, and Indian Army in her 6th, 7th and 8th attempt respectively

Barun Dev Singh

Recommended for the Indian Navy and Indian Air Force in his 13th & 14th attempt

Varun Gaur

Recommended in his 8th attempt and 9th attempt for SSC(T) and TGC entry

Sagar Singh

Recommended back to back in TGC-136, SSC TECH 60 and TGC-137

Yogesh Malik

Recommended for Indian Coast Guard in 6th attempt and Indian Army in 7th attempt

Kunal Dangroliya

Recommended in 7th and 8th attempt for AFCAT and CDA(IMA)

Akshay Satheesh

Recommended in 2nd attempt for Indian Air Force in AFCAT entry

Our Books

Explore our range of books designed to aid your SSB preparation. Each book provides valuable insights and comprehensive knowledge tailored to the needs of defence aspirants.

SSB book - The Practical Guide to Become an Officer, ssb book pdf
The Practical Guide to Become an Officer
fitness book for ssb - ssb interview book
Guide to Fitness
Economics made easy pdf, col nehru books pdf- ssb interview books
Economics Made Easy
ssb medicals - ssb interview books
The Physical and Medical Guide

Our SSB Books' reviews

Our Students' reviews

Harshit Jain Recommended for IMA-149 (DE)

My name is Harshit Jain, I am from Firozabad, U.P. I am currently working as a QA Tester for an IT company in Bangalore. I got recommended for IMA-149(DE) course from 21- SSB Bhopal through CDS-2 2019 on 8th March 2020.This was my 4th conference and in total, I have appeared for 8 SSBs in last one year. My journey with Col. Nehru sir and NFA started in December 2019, when I got conference out from 2- AFSB, Mysore. Although I was preparing hard but was not able to figure out what was going wrong. I was continuously going through this conference out and screen out process, my main focus was on SSB testing only and I was continuously preparing on making story (PPDT &TAT), WAT & SRT better. So here the guidance of Nehru sir, came into play. He took my interview, psych test and pointed out on my weak areas, where I needed to work on. He told me to make a daily routine and get it checked by him.

Kritee Saxena

Been mentored by Col Nehru since preparation. His guidance has got me through selection process, training & even service. He has a holistic approach which isn't just focused on SSB but growing through life. No frills like the name. There is no spoon-feeding, you have to learn to put in the work, no short cuts. That's why you're set to grow, whether you choose SSB or another career option.

Brij Sharma

My childhood dream to join Indian army as an officer brought me to the blogs of Col. Nehru's No Frills Academy. Though, my career took a different direction, I was still keen in knowing the army life, what situations they face in the field, read the stories of wars, and experiences of army personals from various insurgencies. I thoroughly followed Col. Nehru's blog on Instagram, specially his experience and stories from the NDA. Sometime ago, I faced a difficult situation in life and needed an expert opinion to help me handle the situation. I took the chance to approach Col. Nehru sir (considering that he himself handled a lot of difficult situation in army life and may provide me something valuable from his own personal experience), to my surprise, he gladly accepted my request to listen and help me. He helped me understand and evaluate the problem from a deeper perspective and segregate it in smaller challenges. He helped me to handle the situation in a way that was comfortable for me. I would say that he was more or less like a guardian to me. I would recommend Col. Nehru's NFA, not only to those who are preparing to join India army but also if someone would like to have an expert opinion on a specific situation. I would also mention that the staff at NFA is supportive.

Fiza Ahmad AIR 2 AFCAT, recommended from 1 AFSB Dehradun

I have had a great time being part of NFA. My interactions with Nehru Sir were very fruitful and I gained a deep insight about myself which has greatly helped me in enhancing my strengths and working on my weaknesses. Even the group members have been very supportive and helpful. Thanks a lot, I definitely recommend NFA for not only Defence aspirants but for everyone who wants to improve their overall personality.

Vanisa Upadhyay AIR 1 in JAG entry, recommended 4 times back to back in CDS and JAG entries

Col. Nehru sir guided me and pointed out the areas where I lacked and how to work on it. He also helped me stay motivated and consistent, since appearing for defence examinations and SSBs is a long process. The NFA group activities made me familiar with the group tasks due to which I was able to do well in them. All in all Nehru sir played a huge role in my preparation for the SSB. I would say it is the Best SSB coaching in India.

Aman Pradhan Recommended in 4th attempt for IMA

My name is Aman Kumar Pradhan, I am from Odisha and i am born and brought up in New Delhi, I had done my graduation in Economics honours from University of Delhi( shyam lal college) and i am currently pursuing my post graduation in Economics from Indraprastha University, New Delhi. I got recommended for CDS entry(IMA - 155), this was my 6th attempt. I was part of NFA 18 and 23. The practical guide to become an officer is the simply put the most logical and helpful book for all the defence aspirants and all thanks to sir to bring that out in that with so much clarity in the book as to what is to be done to become a successful human being not just an "officer". I had only two interactions with sir the first one was the mandatory interview which everyone goes through and the second one was after one of my attempts as to clarify what did not work out in that attempt, both the interactions were helpful and helped me in shaping myself for my further attempts.

Varun Gaur Recommended in 8th Attempt, SSC(T)-60 from 14 SSB Allahabad & 9th Attempt TGC-137(IMA) from 32 SSB Jalandhar

My name is Varun Gaur. I am from Bharatpur, Rajasthan. I have completed my Graduation from National Institute of Technology, Patna in the department of Civil Engineering in 2021. I was working as a Business Analyst in an IT firm and now I have joined OTA hence resigned from the firm.I got recommended for SSC(T)-60 from 14 SSB Allahabad. I got recommended in my 8th attempt and that was my 4th conference. Fortunately I got AIR 2. Recently I got recommended consecutively in my 9th attempt for TGC-137 (IMA) from SSB Jalandhar and will join IMA from 1 July 2023. I was part of NFA 30 and 31 both.Personal interaction with Nehru Sir has helped me a lot in understanding a clear cut perspective to approach SSB. My doubts cleared by him gave me a considerable amount of confidence and regular talks with him improved me gradually.