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No Frills Academy is India’s first and finest online SSB guidance academy that provides uniquely customised, individual guidance programs to help aspirants turn into competent and well rounded candidates suitable for life in general and the Armed Forces in particular.

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Major General, Dr.J.R. Bhatti
Major General, Dr.J.R. BhattiSena Medal, Vishisht Seva Medal
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Col MM Nehru has served in SSB and knows the organizational demands for selection of officers material. He has had long enough service in SSB and knows the OLQs, based on which a candidate is selected for training as an officer. He is also aware of the reasons for which a candidate is rejected. He has had long years of service where he had the opportunity to judge the performance of officers objectively. Hence, I consider him highly qualified, matured and competent to write on the subject. His book covers all those aspects that go a long way to make persona of an officer. His book also covers the psychological challenges that a candidate encounters before and during the SSB. The book also covers various aspects that a successful candidate needs to cater for while going through various tests in SSB. I find contents of the book very useful, and recommend to be emulated to become an officer.

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Col. M.M. Nehru, was the Deputy President, 17 SSB, Interviewing Officer, Bangalore before taking retirement from the Indian Army.

He is an experienced trainer and has orchestrated numerous sessions around leadership, time management and personal effectiveness for corporate clientele.

He has done Masters in Management & Defense Studies and is an Arts Graduate from NDA.

He has commanded 23 PUNJAB made famous by ‘Border’ movie.

He has trained International Boxers, Services shooters, Commando teams and athletes.

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