English and Physical Fitness for SSB

Good English and good physical fitness increase an aspirant’s chances of selection at the SSB. With my experience of working in the selection system and also having guided thousands of students have taught me that:

  • Not more than 15% of the defence aspirants are able to write and converse competently in English.
  • Similarly, not more than 15-20% of the aspirants have acceptable level of physical fitness.

Having served for almost 29 years in the Army, including tenures at NDA and SSB I found that the single biggest reason for relegation and withdrawal from training establishments is the inability of the trainees to cope with the physical demands of the training. Thus, GTOs and Interviewing Officers are very cautious in selecting aspirants who are apparently lacking in physical fitness and the ability to withstand physical and mental stress.

It, thus, makes sense for officer entry aspirants to develop good English and physical fitness.

No Frills Academy, with its unique guidance programs of durations of three months/one year, provides a very good opportunity to improve English as well as physical fitness.


  • An aspirant with weak written English expression gets to have sentences/essays checked every week. Sincere students acquire an acceptable level of English writing in 3-4 months.
  • Similarly, a sincere aspirant who is hesitant to converse in English acquires the ability to do so in 3-4 months due to the regular exposure of interaction with his/her peers on GDs, lectures and so on, including chances to coordinate activities of 15-20 aspirants or present topics to over 40-50 students as well.

Physical Fitness

  • NFA’s “Guide to Fitness” and regular interactions with me, with my experience of having trained Boxers and Athletes during the service and defence aspirants since the inception of NFA in 2014, are good sources to guide aspirants to improve their physical fitness.
  • Some of our successful students reduced up to 30 kg in a year or so.

Keys to Confidence and Success in Life

Good English and good physical fitness enhance confidence and are important keys to success in career as well as life.

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By: Col. MM Nehru

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