In SSB interview the IO asked me what are the good properties that your mother have but you lack? What should be a correct answer for this?

Answers in interviews in the corporate, numerous websites, coaching academies and a culture of seeking some smart answer or ideal answer by the present society has made you ask this question.

I don’t know a smart answer to this question. I also consider this culture itself of seeking some smart answer as flawed. Let me explain my outlook to answering such questions:

  • Once you have gone to attend SSB or any interview you should be confident that you are fit for selection or else you should not go.
  • If you are confident you know that despite your flaws you are still okay to be selected & are open to sharing your flaws with the selectors without any inhibitions.
  • Since you are a unique creation of God & so is your mother, your genuine answer to the question will be unique and hence all the advice available in the world will not alter your answer. If you alter your answer based on some advice then you are not being honest.

Hence please take my ‘old school’ advice of ‘no smart acts’ and don’t seek any advice to answer such questions & just answer the truth.

Incidentally my mother could maintain her cheer in adversity much better than I could do when I went for SSB or can do even now!

By: Col. MM Nehru

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