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How do you explain this about SSB experience?

  1. GTO gave me an easy Command Task and I did it in 2 min.
  2. Interviewing officer did not ask me any technical or GK questions. The interview lasted barely 25 min.
  3. I was Recommended?

Such a situation is confusing for a repeater candidate, because often he/she has heard contradictory views on the subject from various websites, friends and so on. A fresher may not get much concerned because he/she has not heard/read about such stuff.

Explanation: Situation, Uncommon, but Possible

  1. GTO had decided to Recommend you even before the commencement of the Command Task. He had also pre-decided the level at which he proposed to keep you in his assessment and hence he needed no further confirmation from your Command Task. Thus, you were assigned an easy Command Task.
  2. During the early course of his conversation with you the Interviewing Officer had decided that you were fit to be Recommended and had no need to confirm your understanding of technical stuff or GK.

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