What is the best way to answer “Can you tell us about your favourite movie?” in an interview?

Please understand that when we start describing a picture as we do in Thematic apperception test of SSB or a book or a movie, we actually describe ourselves. Why this is so?

  • The reason for liking a movie shows your nature. For example a girl who liked “Dangal” of Amir Khan may say that she was inspired by how Geeta fought adversities in life and came out a winner. This shows that she has an inclination to go out and achieve her ambitions.
  • I may say that I liked the same movie because it showed as to how Mahavir guided his daughters to success and always believed in them. It shows my inclination to repose faith in my students and savor their success.

Please do not look for ideal answers because there are none. You have to answer for yourself. For me the favorite movie has to be “The Guide” of Devanand. The book was prescribed in my NDA fourth term. I could relate to Raju in his journey of life from pursuing selfish aims and not being ethical too to dying as a selfless saint. I still remember the last words in Raju’s mind:

“I kept chasing things all my life and when God gave me everything I had no desires left!”

I hope I have been able to answer your question. Please think independently and answer the interviewer. No one can guide you about your answer.