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My opinion on Demonetization – Col. MM Nehru

08 Nov 2016 was the day PM Modi announced demonetization. This economically stupid step made India poorer by approximately Rs 5 lac crore. The aim of PM Modi, as assessed by me, was to get rid of the tag of “suit-boot ki Sarkar” and give an impression that he was getting after the rich and pro poor. The move was a political success for Modi (UP election was won by Modi) but an economic disaster for India. Indians must never forget this date because of the following reasons:

It was the first step taken by Modi to break the back of our economy. It never recovered thereafter.

Remember well that our PM is a liar and he has created a vast eco system to continue the promotion of his falsehood.

It caused the death of over a hundred people and terminated several small businesses and pushed a large number into poverty.

The act was falsely promoted as a step taken to eradicate black money (much more has been created since then owing to Modi’s policies). I will give just one example: The MLAs who are bought by Modi from other parties to establish BJP governments do not show the crores they got in their IT returns.

The act was supposed to make India a cashless economy. The cash in circulation on 04 Nov 2016 was Rs 17.97 lac crore. Today it is Rs 26.19 lac crore as per a report in Indian Express.

Despite this blunder PM Modi was reelected to power.

His core supporters also know that demonetization was a disaster but they continue to support this act by giving false or fictitious reasons. The reason for their support is their affection for the divisive politics. If sane Indians hope to restore democracy then these “Hindutva” forces have to be kept in check because they are not going to go away.

I request you once again, never forget 08 Nov 2016. 100 years from now children will remember this day as comparable to Tughlaq shifting India’s capital. Muhammad bin Tuglaq moved the capital from Delhi to Dualatabad in 1327 along with the people. We still remember this genius for the great misery inflicted upon the masses.

Our modern messiah’s act is worse than Tuglaq’s because it was almost as stupid in inflicting misery but of a greater magnitude upon entire India. Moreover, it is hard to believe that such a stupidity could be done in present time and that too in a democracy.

This makes me think of some questions: Was demonetisation a democratic act? Is India a democracy?

Indians must remember this stupidity every time on 08 Nov. I pray to Lord Ram that we do not suffer such stupidity in the future because wise Indians have re-elected the same wise messiah.

Demonetisation was a very harmful action for India’s economy. With a great misinformation campaign BJP and Modi gained political benefits through this act.


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